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What if there really is nobody to turn to?

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There is nobody to turn to. I've tried the crisis lines etc. I have no family, no friends I've discovered, and things really seem hopeless. How do you keep going especially when you don't know why to keep going?


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I just feel that there is always someone out there to turn to. But of course, your depression will give you a sense of hopelessness, make you give up hope on finding the people that can help you, happens so many times. And of course its much easier for me to say it in my position, but I just really feel that there is not a time when there is absolutely nobody you can turn to. IT also may be that there are people around you but you feel that they won't be sympathetic, that if you tell them your emotional problems, they'll alienate themselves from you.

There will always be people here on the forums to talk to at least, by using PMs (Private Messages) and instant messaging, I know that for sure, good luck.
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Even if it seems like there is no where to turn, there is always somewhere, it is just finding that place.

Have you been to your doctor? They can open up a whole world of help for you.

Do you work? Or go to school or anything? They should have some sort of help and support network for both of those places, and anywhere like a college or anything.

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How do you keep going especially when you don't know why to keep going?'

As far as I can see, you have to find some sort of something, be it hope, or an aim, or soemthing like that, however small. There is ALWAYS something, it is just finding that thing. Sometimes it means looking really hard, but it will be there.

I'm sorry things seem so bleak right now, but hang in there, because it won't always feel this bad.

Take care

I can understand where you're coming from, my only friends exist on forums like this, and there aren't many of those either. But sometimes, it's on forums like this that you can find friends who will actually stop to listen to you, who care if you're having a shitty day, who understand some of what you're going through. When there's no one else, I turn to God. It sure is a one sided conversation, but I'm gradually finding faith in God again. Not trying to preach, just offering comfort, or what I'd find comforting, so I'm sorry if it offends you :smile: Have you spoken to a doctor, counsellor etc? Might be a good place to start to find some support. I hope you stick around, if you do I'm sure you'll find a lot of friends who care and understand. As for how do you keep going when you don't even know why, blind faith that things have to get better somewhere along the line :wink: If you need a friend, my pm box is open to you. :smile:

Take care.

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