What if trying your best isn't enough?

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    I need you guys' insights on something I want answer to. I always valued hard work over just raw talent and believed that hard work will never betray you no matter what.
    But what if even trying your best isn't enough? You tried so hard to become something you always strived to be. But you keep falling down again and again. You keep failing again and again. Frustration sets in and you wonder, "Why even bother? Maybe I am not meant to live my dream life?"
    Let's say you always wanted to become a lawyer all your life. But you keep failing a bar exam over and over. Let's say you always wanted to be a recognized writer. But your hard-written book never generates any revenue and a publisher drops you. You always wanted to be an elected official serving your community. But your constituents always select someone else who are less qualified than you.
    Where do you draw the line? How do you just humbly "ACCEPT" and "DEAL" with the fact that trying your best isn't enough? How do you live with the fact that your dream was never materialized?
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    That is a good question for myself i was told i wasn't smart enough to be come what i wanted to be so i didn't even try. If you have tried and realize somehow your dream isn't going to happen at least you tried and you would not have waisted any time or effort because the skills you acquired will help you perhaps in a trade simular to the one you wanted. Sometime you have to accept that maybe it was just not mean't to be and move into a position that is comparable example health field so many fields one can get into maybe not the one you chose but still helping others and caring Don't give up on your dream but expand it abit to include other areas so maybe success will come that way.. take care hope i made sense