What if we accept our feelings?

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  1. brunswick

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    we hate to fail so much
    that we sometimes fail on purpose
    or we don't even try
    so that we can tell ourselves
    we didn't fail

    we hate pain and hurt so much
    that we'd rather not live
    or take something to remove the pain
    or drug ourselves into oblivion
    so that we won't feel pain

    we tell ourselves we are useless and hopeless
    thinking that this will take away the pain
    of others criticizing and scolding us

    what if we accept the pain and the hurt
    and the fact that we fail more often than succeed
    what if we accept
    that we can be so angry we want to kill someone
    that we can be so hurt we want to die
    what if we accept that
    and experience the feeling
    but don't follow it

    what if we just ponder the feeling
    ask ourselves why it happened
    and how we can avoid it in future
    not blaming ourselves or others
    but seeing it as a lesson in life
    or maybe not even a lesson but just an event

    like we did when we were young
    and our parents, friends and teachers
    taught us how to respond
    and how to avoid
    things that make us feel bad

    we can talk about our feelings
    about what happened to us
    we can try doing other things in our lives
    doing other things with our lives
    starting with the small things first
    and see how we go

    there are no heroes who
    didn't suffer at first
    didn't fail and was beaten at first
    didn't fall before they got up

    what if we accept pain, hurt and failure
    as doors we have to pass through
    to become the heroes that we are supposed to be
    (so many people here are heroes for that reason
    having passed through the door
    - if only they realize that they have)

    what if we accept the thought of suicide
    as a sign that we have reached our limits
    and having reached this limit
    must explore another way to approach our lives
    see things in a different way
    embark on a new journey

    what if we let go
    and let the world take care of us
    and be the patient (whose main quality is patience)
    and just let time pass
    and pick up the pieces one at a time
    no hurry, we're starting again
    like a baby again

    it's another journey ahead
    : is this helpful to you?
  2. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    Thank you Brunswick. There are some very profound ideas in that! :) :hug:
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