What If We Are All The Same Being?

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  1. Edgar Roni Figaro

    Edgar Roni Figaro Well-Known Member

    I was just thinking about something. Not all of the scientific theories below are confirmed but if they were then imagine this.

    what if the big bang and the big crunch are true.

    The big bang is when all matter came into being.

    The big crunch is when the entire universe collapses back in on itself.

    If there is a big bang and a big crunch the universe could be reborn infinitely.

    It is confirmed scientifically that particles can be in more than one place at the same time.

    If a thought in the mind is simply the movement of particles, one of the multiverse theories is that every time you have a thought, every possible thought you could of had occurs and a universe splits off for each thought.

    Since each thought represents different locations of particles making up your thought, there must be a universe for every location of every particle.

    Since our 5 senses can all be fooled (Descartes' Wax Argument) the way we interpret each other is incorrect. We are all white, black, asian, arab, we are all christian, jewish, muslim, atheist, we will all be everything. We just cannot perceive it because in the universe we currently exist in our perception forces us into a specific role.

    If time does not exist and is mearly a human perception in order to make sense of what is, was, and will be as most physicists say it is, we are all individuals but at the same time we are all every individual that has ever existed, is existing, or will exist, we just cannot perceive it.

    In every universe that exists for every possible position of every particle, we will at some point experience what it is to be every human being, even an infinite amount of human beings that we never knew existed, humans that don't exist in our universe but do exist in a different one.

    In a cosmic sense, if there are infinite universes, and all universes have a big bang and a big crunch, and all particles that make us up must be in all locations at all times, and because our senses cannot comprehend this they break the perception of particles down into single universes which we experience, we will all at some point live as every one else.

    I know I may have explained this is a very confusing way, it's hard to explain, but we could all be everybody.

    The entire human race could be a single being, spread out over infinite universes and suffering from an inability to perceive everything properly, the result being as if we are all really only one beam of white light but our perception forced us to view ourselves through a prism dividing us into an infinite amount of individuals all of whom come from the same source of light but can only perceive ourselves as all the colors that are on the other side of the prism.
  2. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    Oversimplified, but more-than-less accurate.
    There's no basis for the multiverse theory.
    Only if the above is true.
    No. While we don't percieve each other 'correctly', there is no way to percieve differently. There's a reason why we notice a difference between religions and body structure. There is no basis for all of us being all types of us.
    Ok, I can buy that time "doesn't exist", even though we percieve it. That has no connection to the rest of your sentance.
    No, we will not. There is only one of each person in each universe in the multiverse theory. They are seperate.
    The later half of this is based on what? Also, particle=|=universe.
    We could. But that means all our science is wrong. You could also say that we're all connected to the Matrix, that a person's life happens only in a single moment, and so on. Russel's Teapot.

    I may sound cranky, but that's only the lack of sleep, which I'm going to use to explain this.. theory.
  3. johnnysays

    johnnysays Well-Known Member

    I"ve sometimes wanted to think we're all the same person so that I could cope with the deaths of people i've known.

    One of my thoughts was that the only thing making us different is our environment. Other than that, we're the same. If you had to live in my body in my environment with my dna, you would be exactly the same.

    In that sense, I see myself in other people. If I was in there shoes, I'd be exactly like them.

    It made me less judgemental of other people and also made me realize there're other people on this planet just like me, if not in sum total, and there'll be more people just like me or in sum total. And we have a lot more in common with each other than differences. So when I die, I can die with the knowledge that what represents me is still alive and well in the world, in its various forms, at least. It doesn't matter that the other person just like me is only %99.999999999901 similar. To me that's good enough. Besides, I'm probably %99.99999999999 related to everybody else on the planet.

    In effect, you may exist in someone else, or, in part, in a group of people. So death really is not really an end. It's an end of your particular consicousness, but it's not an end of the essence that represents you (the habits, the patterns, interests, your nature, etc).

    I remember several years I had an economics class. There was a guy in front of me that reminded me of me. He kind of looked like me and acted like me (when I was younger). I felt like a big part of me was in him. I've always felt that a big part of me was in everyone. And that people who look like me and act like me are really not that much more similar to me than just anyone.

    When my Grandpa died, I realized that the essence that was him was still alive and well, both in me and in others. His particular opinions were relative to the 1909-1950 time frame. But if he were born today, he would have different opinions. I probably wouldn't even recognize him or his opinions. But I'm not emphasizing his opinions, I'm instead pointing at his essence. His DNA, his environment, his nature. The person that's you could be standing right next to you with a different set of opinions but still be every bit exactly like you.

    A brainstorming exercise is to imagine yourself born into different families in different countries. How different would you be in each case? My guess is that the different you's would adopt different cultural values with respect to their birth country. They would have different opinions dependent on the environment they grew up in. They might even have different health dependent on how they were born or what kind of nutrition they received. Some might be deaf because of an accident. Some might be unable to have children. Maybe some were abused by their parents. And different religions too. I'm sure they could be wildly different from one another despite the same dna.

    In summary, we all have a lot more in common than differences. So much, in fact, we're like the same person. Our opinions are like a mask someone might be wearing. They hide the fact that we're like the same person. Names are illusions.

    Death is hard to cope with. But this has been one way I've coped with it without a religion or believing in an afterlife.
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  4. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    I always want to know that I do not know. I never want to be sure of anything. If I am sure of something then I will close off any other possbilities. So, i too ask questions. I too question such things. Perhaps I question in a less articulate way.

    I do not believe that we are individual. I believe we are all projections of the one. I believe that life is but a dream. I do not believe "seeing is believing" I believe "believing is seeing" This speaks to manifestation of all.

    I certainly believe that particles can be in two places at the same time. Hey, i believe we all can be in two places at the same time. And who says we arent anyway, lol.

    I believe that life, even after we leave the human form chosen for any one incarnation, is all vibrational levels. Heaven, a higher vibration, hell is just the lower vibrational thought patterns we carry. And all the levels of and in between the two.

    I have heard that holding judgements against the self is one of the places people get stuck in the lower vibrations. Altnough I cannot judge if someone in great wisdom has chosen to come in to any incarnation to work on and heal that. how can one heal what they do not recreate?

    anyway, I know I am getting off of the points that Edgar was making. I guess these are the points I muse the most. I guess the point I would want to leave on is to just say, I hope that humankind wakes up soon and connects to the collective heart. Wakes up to realize we are one. Wakes up to regard and treat each human being, each creature, and Earth herself with love and respect. the rich, the poor, the healthy the ill. The sad the happy, the beginner and the wisest of wise. We are one. I believe this to be true.
  5. chjones21

    chjones21 Well-Known Member

    The entire human race could be a single being, spread out over infinite universes and suffering from an inability to perceive everything properly, the result being as if we are all really only one beam of white light but our perception forced us to view ourselves through a prism dividing us into an infinite amount of individuals all of whom come from the same source of light but can only perceive ourselves as all the colors that are on the other side of the prism.

    I kinda agree with that. I think we are all one but our perception is faulty.

    I tend to wonder whether our brain is in fact a screening process to filter out 99% of the data because otherwise we would find it too overwhelming and wouldn't even be able to tie our shoelaces or make a step because we would be so overwhelmed by sensory input! In the long and short of it, though, if one truly believes one is all and all is one --- then you have to LIVE by that belief, not just say it ---- otherwise you don't truly believe it.
  6. Edgar Roni Figaro

    Edgar Roni Figaro Well-Known Member

    That is what I was trying to say. If you ever read the philosopher Descartes he has an argument in which he uses a ball of Wax to show that all 5 senses are capable of being fooled. The brain is a very limited vassal in a near infinite amount of data. Just like a cpu would be forced to cut graphics and colors, and processing speed of a software program if it is trying to run it on hardware that does not meet the requirements so too is our brain running limited hardware trying to make sense of a nearly limitless software all around us.

    The result like you said it that our brain probably filters out 99.9999% of all information in the universe resulting in the perceptions that create the world around us.

    Hot and cold do not exist, except to us. In reality they are just the movement of particles. We perceive hot as fast moving particles and cold as slow moving particles.

    Pain and pleasure does not exist either. What we call pain and pleasure is no more than an electrical signals being distributed through a network known as the nervous system.

    Colors do not exist either. They are just the reflection of different sized waves being processed by our eyes and then electrical signals sent to our brain.

    As I go on it starts to become obvious that nothing is what it seems. We are not witnessing true reality but a very crude, distorted reality in which our extremely limited hardware is almost incapable of projecting the reality around us.

    In that sense I find it extremely hard not to believe we are all connected on such a deep level that what makes up me or you or anyone else is essentially the same thing, that we are just lost in a sea of information, disconnected by our very inability to process the information all around us.

    Also johnnysays, flowers both your posts are really deep and I found them both interesting and soothing in a sense. Both run along the same lines of what I was saying. It would be very comforting to know that perhaps all the things we see as evil and wrong in the world are just misconceptions in the ability of our limited vassals to interpret the data around us. The world may in fact be a much better place when you look at more than just the sum of the we see before us every day.
  7. johnnysays

    johnnysays Well-Known Member

    if we're the same..

    then why do we think different things and have different opinions? why can't we read eachothers mind simultaneously? Why do we look different? what happens when someone dies? does a part of us die? or did they not die?

    as edgar said, we're like a beam of light (or dna?) that is broken up into a spectrum of possiblity. The different colors (or different human dna?) are seen through a prism (reality, our environment?).

    if we really are the same even though we appear different, like edgar said, maybe we're just incapable of understanding it because of the limits of our vessel (our body and mind).

    maybe the only way to know that we trully are from the same beam of possiblity would be to simplify all of human existence across all of time to the scale of a beam of light that hits a prism and breaks up into a rainbow of colors. but to get to that point, we'd have to be something more than human, right? could we even be human? how do we overcome the limits of our vessel to see that we're the same?

    i really don't know how to add to this discussion. while I want to add something more, i just am really at a loss. I'm trying to review what i read here by posting this, but there's a lot i'm skipping.

    flowers said believing is seeing, as opposed to seeing is believing. obviously, scientists don't automatically believe something if they see it. and believing something doesn't necessarily make it true. chjones said that if we don't LIVE as one then we don't trully believe it. maybe we're seeing a hint that we're one, but we dont trully believe it yet. living as one has not manifested yet.

    i still believe that if i lived as you, i'd be exactly like you. if you lived as me, you'd be exactly like me. so hating on eachother indefinitely is then counterproductive. hating someone is, if you accept my view, is like hating yourself.

    i think most non-linear mathematicians could agree that we're patterns, and that patterns exist everywhere in the universe.

    and then some say that the universe is itself a pattern in something even more expansive.

    but we're saying that maybe things aren't expansive? (we're one as opposed to many) it just seems that way?

    a beam of light broken up by a prism looks expansive.. but in reality it's the same beam of light.
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  8. chjones21

    chjones21 Well-Known Member

    hating someone is, if you accept my view, is like hating yourself.

    I do think that is right but somewhere within me also, although I believe it I also believe in myself as a separate entity, one who has to fight to survive ... one who has to be competitive and defend 'my rights' or 'my possessions' etc. etc.

    So it is tricky, I think. I would like to get over the 'mindset' of ego/separateness but I just don't yet seem capable of 100% accepting the alternative. So I am stuck with (I think what religions tend to call 'duality') not quite living what I say I believe ----

    That is to say, if I were to say I don't believe in gravity then I ought to feel fine about walking off the roof of a ten-storey building. If I say it but refuse to walk off the ten-storey building then obviously somewhere I don't believe it.

    One day. One day. :)
  9. Tobes

    Tobes Well-Known Member

    I can understand your line of thinking, but the very fact that it is there means it exists. If hot or cold water didn't exist, we would only have water at one temperature that could not be changed. If color didn't exist, we could only see things in black, white, or shades of grey. Perhaps color doesn't technically exist in the physical world, but the very fact that we can take those waves and turn them into a wide variety of colors means that color exists. Something that doesn't exist is a cigarette that won't harm your health (E-cigs don't count), or a mobile phone that doesn't need to be charged.

    I do almost agree with the statement that the only thing that exists is particles, but when those particles group together in a specific way which then group with other groups and so on, then they create something new. Put together two slices of bread, some cheese, ham, and lettuce, and it becomes a sandwich. It is still just a group of ingredients, but when put together it becomes one item and is treated as a whole. It exists both as a group of ingredients and as one sandwich. Put together a couple bits of hydrogen and some oxygen, and it becomes water, while still being essentially just a group of particles. It can do something new that the individual parts could not.

    To get on topic, we can't all be the same being because of polar opposites and conflicts of function. Something can't be hot and cold at the same time, or heavy and light, or in the case of a living being, both intelligently capable and mentally disabled.

    If you mean that we all come from the same one being, but are separated, then we are still not all the same. That's like saying that every orange of a tree is the same, because it came from the same tree, and had the same nutrients available to it. But every orange has a slightly different size, shape, quality, and so on. They are similar to each other, like humans are essentially similar to each other, but they aren't the same.

    I wouldn't usually try and convince someone that something harmless they believe isn't true, but if you start to think that all humans are the same, or as chjones21 says, "truly believe", then you are going to put your characteristics onto other people (because they are the only ones you can truly relate to), many of those people being entirely different from you. If you don't hurt people, and have absolutely no desire to, you will believe that no one else truly desires to hurt people because everyone is the same being. You will stop being cautious of people, one of the best and most useful of survival instincts, and a smart attitude to have. Even if you know that people hurt people, you already believe that all people are either the same or come from the same being. Or maybe you won't do that, and believe that everyone is the same being, yet different from each other to the degree of being opposite, which sounds like a paradox to me.

    Besides, why would anyone want to be a tiny part of one being, instead of an independent whole being? Don't you enjoy being an individual, being able to choose your own life, and being able to know, think or do something differently than someone else? If all humans are just parts of one complete being, able to receive a fraction of the same thoughts, emotions, motivations etc, what makes any of them truly valuable? Wouldn't that put Stalin and Martin Luther King in the same boat? Or the thief and the charity worker, or the alcoholic deadbeat and the lifesaving doctor?
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  10. Edgar Roni Figaro

    Edgar Roni Figaro Well-Known Member

    Tobes you seem to be missing one crucial point in what you are trying to say. You are saying something exists because you can experience it. You say colors exist because we can see them ect.. I am saying to you that just because your senses perceive something a certain way does not mean that your -perception- is real.

    Yes wave lengths exist in thousands of different sizes and speeds. But your perception of those wave lengths as red blue or orange does not mean that red, blue, or orange exist. They do not exist except as a perception of your sight. Another human being who is color blind would not see any of those colors yet his perception is just as real as yours. The spectrum of what we would define as color is so large and what we perceive is so small. If you were to make a color spectrum of all the wave lengths that exists it would stretch from San Fransisco to New York City. Now hold your hand up and separate 2 fingers by 2 inches. Those two inches are your perception of color. Those two inches represent the entire visible color spectrum of the human eye. The thousands of other miles from New York City to San Fransisco represent all the other wave lengths which, if your brain was able to perceive would give you the ability to see millions more colors that currently do not exist to the human perception.

    If a human tastes an apple it is sweet. If a cat tastes that same apple it is bitter. Who's perception is correct? You say it is sweet the cat thinks it is bitter, the truth is, it is neither bitter nor sweet. You and the cat both have different perceptions of an item with the same molecular structure.

    Hot and cold do not exist except as a perception. To a cold blooded animal 50 degrees is not warm or cold because a cold blooded animal has nothing to compare it to, i.e its perception of temperature is not based on a set temperature like a human beings is (98.6f). Are you beginning to see why hot and cold do not exist? If the normal core body temperature for a human was 10 degrees you would consider anything beyond 10 degrees at hot and anything below 10 degrees as cold. This is your perception, hot and cold do not really exist, they are merely relative constructs of your perception based on how your particular body is molecularly aligned.

    A person who schizophrenic has more than one separate personality living in the same brain. If one of the personalities loves cupcakes and the other hates .them, there is your evidence right there of 2 beings occupying the same brain having polar opposite beliefs and not knowing they exist together as one. In the near future computers will be able to link 2 human brains together in what is called IA or Intelligence Amplified. The perception of the person with schizophrenia is that they exist in their body without any knowledge of the other person, again perception only. Two beings are occupying the same brain. Likewise in the near future when the molecular structure of two separate humans can be linked through computers the thought process of two will become one, again perception.

    Following this process we can clearly see that perception dictates reality despite the fact that perception is not real but merely the perceived reality of an incomplete piece of hardware (the brain) trying to make sense of a near limitless amount of software( the universe) and in order to do so, the brain must make up or perceive a structured system which exists only in the mind and not in the actual world itself in order to make sense of the information that it is being bombarded with all around it.
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  11. Edgar Roni Figaro

    Edgar Roni Figaro Well-Known Member

    Edit passed 60 minutes...I realize I didn't answer everything you talked about.

    In regards to moral issue I guess there would probably be only one way of looking at it. Hitler did what he did and Gandhi did what he did because it had to be done, it was part of the universe the particles that made up every aspect of everything that happened had to at some point exist in the way that they did. What we define as good or as evil isn't defined by the universe.

    But if you want to see things as good or evil there is a loophole so to speak. Because every possibility has to happen, and become there would be an infinite amount of universes, who is to say that in this universe, on this earth, that the particles aren't in a certain position as to lead to the beings on this earth recognizing Hitler as evil and Gandhi as an amazing human being. We may not have free will because the particles must all exist in all positions possible. But the fact that this is spread out over an infinite amount of universes means that in this universe that we live in, perhaps the perceptions of the way the particles are is in such a way that we perceive good and evil. So although good and evil may not exist in the universe itself, our perception of good and evil can still exist in that universe. So you and I can still view Hitler as pure evil and Gandhi as an amazing human being. The perception of free will is enough for a limited piece of hardware (the brain) the have so many choices, that the perception of free will is actually there.

    If I forced you to choose between a million different lifestyles but you were only going to live 100 years you really don't have free will because I forced you to pick a lifestyle. But the fact that you have a million lifestyles to choose from means that if you didn't know I was forcing you to choose between those lifestyles that there are still so many options that you can easily perceive that you have the free will to choose a particular lifestyle. In that sense we may be dictated by the locations of particles and the fact that all particles do exist in all possible positions. But the severely limited construct of the human mind allows us to perceive so little, that free will appears to exist. And there is nothing wrong with that. For such limited beings as ourselves, having trillions of options in a 100 year lifetime is more than enough to give us the feeling of free will and if that satisfies our 100 year lifetime than there is really nothing wrong with that.
  12. johnnysays

    johnnysays Well-Known Member

    I'm shooting duds, so I thought I'd try something new..

    Anybody know anything about fractals? Well, apparently, the universe, from the small scale to the large scale, exhibits fractal patterns. An example would be how looking closely at the ground you will see a pattern of hills and valleys similar to what you'd see if you were looking at earth from up above. Similar examples pervade the entire universe in seemingly unrelated areas.

    The January 2010 issue of Astronomy mentions this in the section titled What galaxy superclusters tell us about the universe.

    A fractal universe is called a self-similar cosmos.

    It defines fractality this way:
    He goes on to say:
    The story quoted him because it was trying to explain why fractals appear to exist in our universe.

    How does this relate to humans being like one thing? I'm not sure.

    I am somewhat influenced by perlin noise. I've messed with it in small ways. If you use a single number, like 131234141111454723424, this single number can be used to seed a generator, and from there you can generate an object of infinite detail that will be the same every single time you seed the generator with 131234141111454723424 (the same number). If you give it a different number, it will generator a different object. Usually the code generates a type of object. Whether it be landscape, clouds, people, or whatever your imagination says it should be. If you have code that generates a cloud for example, it will have parameters and ranges of possibilities for this cloud. The whole purpose of having object classes is that while one cloud will look different from another, they will still look like clouds. One interesting characteristic about this is that if I'm stuck with 32 bits, then I have a limit to the range of values I can seed my object with. Similarly, when generating the object after seeding it I will also be limited to the 32 bits. This means that in the process of generation some objects will overlap because of the 32 bit limit. In other words, chunks of the object will use the same values that other objects use (that will probably look completely different). What this means is some objects are using the same numbers, but for different categories. I've always thought there was something intriguing about this because if you get 0 between -5 and 5 it might be 50 between 0 and 100 in another object for a different category. The similarity is that it would always be in the middle. Now, if you knew the upper and lower limit for the various categories and you could get a sampling of many objects then you might start to expose the overlapping.

    To sum up the weirdness I'd say I wonder if some kind of limitation in our universe is part of the cause of its self-similarity?

    I don't expect anyone to understand because I'm not even sure I do. I haven't worked with perlin noise in a while.
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  13. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Thanks everyone for the wonderful dicsussion. Thanks Edgar and everyone for what you have said. Johnny, what a good mind you have !!!
    I do not know about fracties. I do not have a scientific understanding of quantum physics. Well, I do not have a scientific mind.... at all !!! Love discussions about metaphysics though. I come alive discussing it.

    It good to find a thread where people are talking about what we think is REALLY real. We live on a very dense planet. What we can percieve is less than miniscule compared to whats around us. What we are able to master is miniscule compared to what could be mastered if we were able to remember how to master energy. I have heard, and I do believe, that this can best be done in an aligned way is through the energy of divine love. Although there are other ways to do this. But I will not go into discussions of dark powers here.

    Here's what I read a long time ago, and I do believe it. Although I really do not know if all of it is true. I am paraphrasing. First we were one with source. The divine oneness of light. Then we individuated as sparks of into spirit form but as individual. Could it be that the "original sin" is the forgetting of ourselves as divine oneness shortly after we individuated? And this would create more density in ourselves. Then we took on soul form. Quite a dense body compared to the spirit that we are. Then of course there is the human form. Dense to the 3(rd dimension) degree so that we could come to this quite dense planet of earth, take on more forgetting in order to remember our true selves. To remember more of the truth. Earth, human form, together they create quite the forgetting. quite the denseness. But I believe that we are lighting up. There was a song in the late 60s called "breaking up is hard to do" I have a parody on the title of this song, changed for these times. Its called "lightning up is hard to do". And it is.

    Thank you again everyone for this wonderful discussion.
  14. Edgar Roni Figaro

    Edgar Roni Figaro Well-Known Member

    johnnysays I have read about fractals. When I first heard of them it was through the paradox of the Koch Curve. Because in a Koch Curve a fractal can always make a smaller version of itself if you were to draw a circle and then create a fractal imagine inside that circle you essentially create a line of infinite length inside of a circle of finite space. That is the paradox of a Koch Curve.

    This leads into what is known as Chaos Theory which is what you are hinting at in your post. The underlying order that exists in what we perceive as total randomness. The fact that though something may look random on a macro level, that once examined using Chaos Theory we begin to see a pattern of order behind even the most chaotic random events. It is truly mind blowing.

    Flowers I don't know if you watch anime, but I love some of the Japanese Anime's specifically Ghost In The Shell and Cowboy Bebop for their heavy philosophical overtones.

    There is a quote from a character in Cowboy Bebop that I will probably never forget. You reminded me of it with your last response.

    You will probably enjoy the following. These are direct quotes from a conversation that took place in one of the episodes of Cowboy Bebop.

    "Dr. Londes: What is a physical body? The body is merely an object. It is a form of existence far too impure to store the gods within us called souls. Now you will remember... Bloodstained history! Material greed! Hunger! Sexual desire! Desire to dominate, desire for fame! Humanity..... From the physical body, all the desires are born. From the human ego they will never disappear as long as desire remains present. Humans will continue to fight to fulfill their bodies' desires and it will never end. There is no future! You must awaken. Awaken your soul. Rid yourself of that filthy human body now!

    Dr.Londes: Do you know what the greatest and worst invention that humans ever made was? Television. Television pollutes the mind of those who watch, those who lose themselves in a dream world, afraid of reality. Humans will always seek to escape reality, this gloomy, dark world. So, they immerse themselves in a great, big image formed by little dots of insignificant light. In it's own self, television has become a new religion.

    Dr.Londes : The souls that God gave us thrive in an immense network, living in the vast infinity of space... Is the body nothing but a mere shell? An empty casing filled with vast consciousness and states of being... hindering and stopping the great potentials and goals one can accomplish... after all, these feeble bodies are too small, too limited a container for the wonder that is the human soul."

    I don't believe any religion in this world is correct. But I do believe that human beings are born spiritual and we seek spirituality the way we would seek water in the middle of a dessert. That is why it is so easy for people to throw away logic and join cults. People want to believe that someone else has the answers they cannot find on their own.

    When one can admit that the answers they are seeking cannot come from a religion, but in the same breath can also admit that one needs spirituality that humans are spiritual beings and we are connected to some greater life force whether one wishes to call that god or the universe we begin to take the first steps toward true understanding.

    We all know so very little about what reality actually is. It takes great strength from within to question such things and most people cannot do it. They wrap themselves up in work, entertainment, social events, religious gatherings, pleasure whether it be sex or food, ... all corruptible forms of the two purest levels of emotion and intellect, Spirituality and Philosophy.

    I think those are the two things humans want most. Philosophy - the intellectual search of wisdom, and Spirituality - the emotional search of wisdom.
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