What if you are simple a bad seed?

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There are good people and bad people. What can you do if you are just simply a bad person? Some people dont deserve to live. The world would be better off if all the bad people in the world were gone.

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I think that a truly bad person would not realize that they are bad. Thus, the point would become moot. Because if someone wonders if they're truly bad, there must be some good in them for them to wonder if they're bad. That's my opinion, anyway.


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Here here... +1 on the above.

Go to a maximum security prison and ask the prisoners if they are guilty - I've read over 80% will tell you with out blinking an eye that they are 100% innocent.


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I don't think I am a bad person, I just have no ideea How to live, how to continue, how to make the pain stop. As for the deserve life thing... I have the same feeling about myself, but only because I am incapable of coping with anything, because everything hurts.
I don't believe in people being born bad, I don't even believe in bad people because if you try to understand them more, usually they had their share of crap, but just did not knew how to cope in a positive way. But they too have their purpose among others, lives to influence, eyes to open.
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Now those are some really good points. Many of us struggle. I am 45, and just now living life the way I want to live it. I went through 15 years of tremendous struggle. I had 2 attempts, and the thought was often on my mind.

I finally came to a life solution for myself, and it was like Karma - all the world moved to accommodate me getting to that place very very quickly. I'm so happy now, but what happened almost overnight for me took years for me to get to that place.


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I've thought about that a lot. Bipolar is a genetic disease. Maybe I should save the State some money and my family some anger and my city some dumping and myself some pain. But I am too sick to decide whether I am good or bad, whether I should endure the pain of living or endure what comes after.
Everyone in my life that killed themselves robbed me a little of the will and courage and the curiosity to go on, and on.
I was nine when I made my first suicide attempt. Young people are too young to make a decision of the magnitude of life and death. They look up to their families and their families bail on them. They need the chance to be rescued, to discover. So I live, work, build, buy, salvage whatever is good in myself and whoever knows me. And it still hurts. And I still think about it.
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I often feel that. I feel that bad things happen to me because I did something bad to deserve them. I just can't figure out what. I wonder if I'm being punished for not being smart.
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