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  1. just.me

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    hey ppl
    the question is simple, there are tons of different sexual fetishes.
    the question is: if your partner would of asked you take to a role in his fetish,
    would you agree?
    obviously it depends on the "level" of the fetish
    so to answer it lets make some numbers out of it.

    lets say 1 to 5
    where 1 is light fetish (like guys that love foots)
    and 5 is a heavy fetish (like something illegal ie zoophilia)
    *5 doesn't mean its illegal, just something top extreme
    plus share with us on how would of be your reaction in case your partner
    would of asked you to do something for him, something on level 3 to 5

    example of an answer:
    with 1 and 2 i can easily agree, with 3 and 4 it depends on some minor things
    like not harming anyone or anything (no violent sex also), and with 5 just like 4 but it must be legal
    overall I agree, i am always happy to try new things, even if i don't like it at least i tried
  2. mandyj101

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    deranged ppl could get 'off' on this .. how would knowing ppls fetishes on a scale of 1-5 benifit anyone ?
  3. xan

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    Erm... this is a bit of a weird post... but to be honest I'd do everything I could for someone I loved...
  4. just.me

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    it "benefit" anyone
    so that "anyone" could of know the average acceptance of people on weird fetishes
    its a known fact that many couples cant enjoy a full healthy life
    because they are too scared\ashamed to ask their partner to take a role in a fetish
    so then lal they do is a simple boring sex..
  5. mandyj101

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    yea i made a spelling error .. cheers 4 that ..
    i dont want 2 argue .. i was just saying that i dont see the point of asking members on a suicide forum on a scale of 1-5 what their fetishes are ..
  6. just.me

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    "benefit" is not an error... it wasn't my point... and you spelled it right...
    the point was that i dont ask to rate your fetish
    i ask you to rate your approach to fetishes, like what you would of agree to do
    in case your partner would of asked you to "1 to 5"
    that is all

    in my case 1-3 is fine, everything that goes above it is questionable but completely ok and no need to be shy and as far as i see it its welcomed to be open minded towards your partners fetishes