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What if by taking yourself out of the equation you were making peoples lifes better, would I be justified in killing myself??

My mother wants to move abroad, she's always wanted to be free of me she left me when I was 11, and regrets having me at an early age stopping her from enjoying her life.

My daughter now hates me as I tend to be more strict than her mother, she is 11 years old and her mother thinks it ok to take her bf to her bedroom to be alone, so I have been hard on my daughter and now she has estranged me.

I have no friends my ex partner hates me.

I just think its time to set the ones I love free.

This world would be better off without me and I derrive no great pleasure from life, so its in everyones best interest. Think I'll use that in my note.

Damn and blast I'm still typing this must mean there's part of me that doesn't believe it /shit shit shit. Help I want this to end, these feelings to go away

f8ck it post it anyways
I'm sorry your feeling that way, I think you should hang on, at least for your daughters sake, she's still young, and needs you very much so....she will get over being angry at you...She will think it's her fault if you do it right now
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