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What is a good word for the opposite of "trigger"

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Something that makes the day not good, but better. Takes some of the edge of it, I guess. I'm starting a blog (In Norwegian), and I wantas a category" _of the day" along with "trigger of the day". And yes, an English word, of course. I'm not expecting you to learn a new language for this. So, any good words? I thought of "Mellower", but it just sounded wrong.
I would say "distraction".
To "trigger" means to make you negatively or however aware of something. It's a scientific word, saying for example that sometings "triggers" headaches, negative or positive thoughts, whatever.
So a trigger focuses a person or situation on something or induces something.
A "distraction" takes focus on something away.

Of course, this isn't about something bright in the day, but there are a lot of other ideas here on this ;-).
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