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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by getmeouttahere, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. There's a real cabal-istic feel in here, same as other suicide forums. This is not productive, having a bunch of 'suicide' forums where you can't discuss suicide. That boggles the mind. Brick wall, iron gate, the forbidden zone at the very edge of the earth--how does this help?

    I got sick and tired of hearing about the SOPA crap, where everyone was all up in arms over censorship on the internet, like it was all going to start with this one bill. Censorship has been on the internet since there was an internet. Am I allowed to request information?

    I don't really want a site that someone has so obviously set up in order to get usernames and passwords of members on this site, but they can only get that information if you go to that site and try to log on under your SF account. I'm thinking if they're not legitimate sites, maybe suicide can be discussed freely on them?

    If I ask if anyone here has any links to suicide forums where you can discuss suicide, does my thread and my post get deleted here? I'll bet it does. Of all the sick, twisted, deviant, morally caustic crap all over the internet--not only accessible but encouraged--the one and only taboo is suicide?

    If you're against suicide, you are pro-life. If you're pro-choice, then you support legalizing suicide. They are one and the same issue. Suicide is legit. So why can't we talk about it?
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    I'd advise re-reading the rules.

    Simply put - right near the top of the rules on this site - there is an ethos.. Do no Harm, Promote no Harm. Discussing suicide methods or ways to self-harm etc, is promoting harm.

    Pro life is not necessarily pro choice - there are clear differences.
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    This is actually all clearly answered in the rules -

    You can discuss suicidal feelings - you can not discuss methods. Period. If you want to talk abut why you want to kill yourself then feel free, if you want to talk about how find a different venue.

    You cannot ask people for how to commit suicide or harm yourself.

    You cannot agree to ham yourself with another person or encourage other people to harm themselves in any way.

    You cannot post suicide notes or timelines. These are self serving attention getters to make you feel better about harming yourself, not helping yourself, and cause stress and trigger to other members.

    This is a free site staffed by volunteers- the rules will not change- you can follow them or not participate in the site if it does not meet your needs.

    Decisions on censorship for the internet in general are different than decisions on rules in private communities- if you do not like the rules do not use the community.

    In your exact case you have been very vocal about telling everybody else how they should think, feel, or react on many topics and I find it interesting you now are discussing censorship based on your previous posts.
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    Thank you NYJumpmaster for the very thorough explanation! And unimportant for the concise input!

    Put another way,

    If members are seeking pro-suicide sites, they simply will not find such information on Suicide Forum. We are a pro-life site and we do not condone pro-suicide sites. We do not allow links to such sites because they are clearly not pro-life.

    I'm closing this thread.
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