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Discussion in 'After Effects' started by Banquo, Sep 27, 2011.

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  1. Banquo

    Banquo Member

    What is better - Succeding in a suicide attempt. Or failing and being a vegetable or really badly disabled.
    e.g jumping from a great height and surving but completely paralysed.

    I think this is the biggest fear for a lot of people planning suicide.

    Sorry if this has been asked before or is in the wrong section.
  2. peacelovingguy

    peacelovingguy Well-Known Member

    I think the best choice you've not included - and that would be living!

    I know people who jumped - a poor girl in my old flats leapt to her death only to end up pretty much unable to do anything - paralysed for months until one op too many took its toll.

    With jumping the adrenalin would so so much that you'd have great clarity of vision - I actually think most of not all will be thinking its a bad idea - you got time to think.

    But what is it that leads you to even think this?

    Not sure how old you are mate - but taking your own life is avast decision - making that choice on your own - with depression clouding your judgement is not a good idea.

    Thing is with depression many will think they are right!

    But - got to say - been there many a time - and its always wrong.

    Admitting you want to die - is a good thing - then others can say "Ah yes - I know the feeling" - and then talk about it.

    Thing is to open up - don't think you got to carry this on your own.

    Good luck!

  3. Banquo

    Banquo Member

    Thanks for your reply. There are many reasons why i dont want to go on living.
    But none of them are really good enough reasons really. I ask this because i had a failed attempt
    Last year.(Crashed my car on the way to jump point). I thought i was better but im not. I cant even tell my councellor about these thoughts because im too ashamed. The anonymity the internet affords allows me to post here.
    Im in my late 20s by the way.
  4. BeautifullyChaotic

    BeautifullyChaotic Well-Known Member

    I think failed attempts are some sort of intervention by a high power. That's how I rationalize anyway.
    If you fail, it is because whoever this higher power is thinks you can get well. I don't know who it is, but it's pretty powerful because my various attempts have all failed, and some seemed so foolproof! Brand new gun jammed, friend I hadn't seen in months just showed up out of the blue, my stomach turned and I threw up in spite of the phenergan... which is only meant to prevent vomiting. All three times I should have died, and all three times something stepped in and saved me.
    Now I have no plan, I haven't for quite some time, I want to go, but I know something will always keep me here, so I just try to fight the feelings as best I can, and take it day by day.
  5. Banquo

    Banquo Member

    I lost my faith in a higher power some time ago. I only failed because i drove my car like an idiot. Maybe it was an sub concious thing.
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