what is going on with me???

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    I´ve no ideia of where to put this, or what to think of this...but I just need to let it out:sad:
    Today when I was going to have lunch, I heard a noise, a bit behind me. I looked back and I saw a bus that was not moving. I thought that maybe a tire might have breached, but then I saw many people going to the bus, and then I thought that maybe the bus runned over a dog or something like that. Me and a friend of mine went to see what was going on, and I saw a person lying on the groung moanig in pain. The bus hitted him. The guy, probably of my age, was going to cross the street in the moment the bus was really close to him, and hitted with the front of it is his head and he felt on the ground next to the bus and the tire passed on the top of his leg. (it was the kids falt because he probably didn´t looked)
    When we get near him, which was when I realised what had happened, I didn´t felt anything:eek:hmy:
    I just ...
    When I thought the bus had runned over a dog, a felt really bad, but when I saw it was a person, I felt releaved!
    I have a dog and I love him, he helped me and is helping me getting over my depression(caused by many and many problems I got by, like being a victim of bullying) and all the problems I have (yeah....a dog) He´s(my dog to me IS a person, at least much more than some other people! ) one of the people I love the most.

    I just can´t still believe I didn´t felt anything about that, and I still don´t. I mean, I´m only really confused because of not being abble to feel anything!
    Maybe it was shoked and still am. but I don´t feel shoked, all I feel is really bad and confused for my lack of feelings about it.
    I have no idea of what´s going on with me!:unsure:
    all I´ve suffered made me insensitive??WTF is going on with me?????:sad:

    Sorry I just needed to let it all out about what happened today...
    Sorry for my english and the confused text and ideas...

    If I was a minute late would have been me the bus would have runned over, if I wasn´t crossing the street with caution...

    Edit: he´s fine.......someone was talking about it and I heard that it looked worse than it was.
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    Try not to feel too bad. It sounds like you haven't had a smooth time when it comes to people, and seeing as you've had a dog for so long it's normal for you to grow attached to your dog and because of your love of your dog, you love other dogs, too. Many people who have been treated badly in the past turn to animals like dogs/cats etc because they are fun little creatures who show you love, you can love them back and they don't give us half the crap some humans do. If you haven't done so already, maybe you could consider seeking some sort of therapy to help you deal with things that have happened to you, like the bullying. Bullying can leave long term effects and talking about it can help you.

    And for the record - your English is fine don't worry. :) Take care of yourself. :hug: