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  1. Petal

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    Migrant Crisis. Thousands of migrants stranded http://news.sky.com/story/1571646/thousands-stranded-by-hungary-border-closure

    In my opinion these people are not ALL fleeing war or fearing for their safety as last week a migrant was on the news saying it's Germany or Nowhere! To me that tells me they are not all fearing for their safety if they are willing to go back let them do it. Beggars cannot be choosers. It cannot be that bad if they are willing to go back.

    What does everyone think of the current migrant crisis? I think they are a mixed bag and not all fall into the category of leaving a war torn country. I think many people are taking advantage of this ''migrant crisis''.
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    Yes, the situation seems to be getting worse and worse over in the Middle East by the day, by which is truly sad, because of all the pictures (not just the articles I have read) about the hundreds of thousands of refugees who are just running scared for their lives and trying to escape what is going on in their own home towns and villages, not just from ISIS but from the air bombings performed by the coalition task force called in to try and strop ISIS, and many ending up caught in the middle of the carnage and being killed or severely wounded in the air strikes (one I read a few days ago was about a 5 year old Russian girl who was travelling in one of the affected regions and ended up dying due of a bomb being dropped by a Russian fighter, only days before she was to go back home with her mother to her father and now the father has not only the grief of losing his only daughter that he will never again, but that those bombing runs are still going on, striking places without remorse about civilians being caught in the middle.

    On a lighter note, in the news in my area, I read that there were two young people who tried to stop two young thieves from taking his motorbike sometime after midnight last Monday, only to be confronted by the elderly owner and then being bashed with baseball bats in his knees before they fled the scene empty-handed.
    Fortunately though, those thieves crashed their getaway car just a few houses down from their victim's home and although they legged it, they were caught because of a camera they had left in the backseat of the car, that the police were able to identify them and arrest them. As for the man, he recovered well in hospital and is now back at home, but what makes the story even more nerve-wracking for me, is that it happened just a few streets away from where I live and the street it happened on is one I walk down every day.

    What the World is coming to, with drongos who attack elderly folks and the horrors ISIS is causing all around the World make me wonder just what kind of direction we are heading in.
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