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What is it to be traumatized?

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by rojer, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. rojer

    rojer Active Member

    Can someone please explain to me what it is like to be traumatized. It sounds horrible I think I am supposed to be traumatized because I have been molested homosexually and some really nasty shit happened when I was 5 and it was incest too. But I only remember that as a part of my life and I just leave it that way don't really care too much about it. I think traumatized sounds like a horrible thing to be what is it like to be traumatized?
  2. Callan

    Callan Guest

    You don't care about it?
  3. rojer

    rojer Active Member

    Yep I don't really care I remember it but I have never really been mentally harmed by it I just know it happened.
  4. silverflash

    silverflash Well-Known Member

    To feel traumatised is a living hell. I am suffering from trauma as a result of rape. It has taken over my life and makes me feel like shit. Every day I have to cope with the feelings of hysteria. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I seem to have flashbacks to the rape. I can not trust anyone and I certainly can't let a man any where near me, even though I know that all men are not rapists. I can no longer live a normal life. You are so fortunate if you really are not traumatised by what has happened to you. I really hope that it never catches up with you as if it does, you too will experience the hell that I live through every day, and I certainly would not want that to happen to anybody.
    Enjoy life while you can!!!!
  5. One who listens..

    One who listens.. Well-Known Member

    Rojer, trauma is what silver is suffering from, although it's not always so severe.

    It's when something that was done to you, or you saw, or you did to someone else scars you mentally for life. You have troubles forgetting it, wheteher it was the feelings you had for doing it, for having it done to you, or for seeing it.
    Genereally it's a fear, but trauma can be a hatred of something.
    It will effect you for years, everytime you see the offending object/person/scenario, you could flashback to what traumatised you.

    It's not a pleasant life, and silver, I'm sorry for what happened to you.
  6. rojer

    rojer Active Member

    That sounds pretty bad all I do is avoid eye contact with that person and barely talk to them at all.
  7. One who listens..

    One who listens.. Well-Known Member

    That's more like just being angry at someone or afraid of them....

    I wouldn't say your really traumatized unless you outright fear being around them, and generally (I think) trauma normally refers to a specific type of thing, like all white elderly men, or a fear of girls, etc....

    You can still be traumatized by one thing/person, but you must have a very mild case of trauma, which is fortunate for you.
  8. LtRoarke

    LtRoarke Guest

    Feeling emotionless(you say that you "don't care")about a certain painful event is a form of trauma, too, I believe. You're hiding you feelings, not confronting them, not accepting them. If you truly did not care, rojer, you would have no problem being around the person who harmed you, or looking into their eyes. I am very sorry for what you have been through.
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