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What is left

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Aaron1F, Oct 15, 2016.

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  1. Aaron1F

    Aaron1F Well-Known Member

    Finally now my wife has decided she can no longer live with a person who has this illness and said she has to think about herself and my girls. What's left to go wrong what's left to lookforward too and what's left to live for. Im done
  2. troubledmind

    troubledmind Well-Known Member

    Don't say your done.. You still have your girls.. They will need you as they grow.. Relationships come and go.. I'm speaking from experience.. I'm 59 and have been in several relationships since my wife.. None of them worked out.. Not from lack of trying.. Now that I am older I have decided that being alone isn't half bad.. I'm finally getting my financial status back, I don't have to explain everything I do.. Just keep your girls in your heart.. You will get over your ex..
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  3. Aaron1F

    Aaron1F Well-Known Member

    Things dont seem to repair the only good thing after my burn out caused by Post and depression was I go myself back in full time work after being out of action for 18months. The illness has caused me to withdraw and isolate myself which I guess has aileinated my family.
    Have nothing left anymore
  4. IdontMatter111

    IdontMatter111 meh..............just meh

    hi Aaron,
    have just been reading some of the threads when i saw this one by you............................
    I am SO SO Sorry to read this........... :(
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