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what is love anyway?

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hey folks. I happened to of met a wonderful girl about a week ago and we have became pretty close. when I hold her, it feels amazing. everything on my mind just clears, and the only thing that matters is her and I. I haven't felt happy like that in years. she means so much to me. is this "real love", or is it just "puppy love" between teenagers? we feel the same way about each other.


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if it was meant to be, i think it will be. every situation is different. love at first sights sometimes end up getting married, other times they find out it was just infertuation. this life is a mystery. be curious. discover. if it doesn't end up they way you wanted, don't get attached to external circumstances. things work out just the way they were meant to. everything, good or bad, was meant to happen somehow, for the greater good in the end. i pray your intuition(both of you) will guide you. good luck.


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what is love?

...baby don't hurt me...
don't hurt me...no more..

but for real..
love, to me, is exactly when you can hold somebody and feel totally calm and that everything else in the world to go rot..
...and it's even better when the other person feels the same way.

that, to me....is love.

...dang am i jealous of you.
- Henry


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Sorry to change the topic but... I know some of you may know that not too long ago, I was confused about my sexual orientation. It was a rough time and all though I'm still not completly sure about it, the stress of those thoughts have gone down a few notches. When I met this wonderful girl though, and I started cuddling with her, for some really odd reason, I started getting an erection. The odd thing was nothing was touching me there, and I wasn't even really thinking sexually. But, when I really think about it, sex doesn't really matter to me. I love her for who she is, and I love her inside, and I seriously could care less about sex. All though I can still get aroused by females, it's just not as strong as it used to be. Could this mean I'm becoming pansexual? I think that sort of, but since I can still sexually aroused by a women, I think that would make me heterosexual. I don't know. Sex doesn't mean that much to me; all that matters to me is her. That's seriously it.
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