what is self-esteem, really

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    I;ve been drinking too much I know but it makes me feel better than the medication. I hate my psych, he is a pompous ass. I contemplated going to see him again and cutting my arm up so he can see. Being so full of alcohol I just want to do it so bad. I was thinking about that today, and I realize my problems with my wife show my complete lack of self-esteem and how much I hate myself and how I was when I was without a significant other. I knew that I was such a loser and I still am, but now I want to cut, why?

    I've learned so much reading and posting here, way more than any therapist could have determined. I hurt so much inside yet I can't express it, it's just a maelstrom of f--- up. I'm gonna cut anyway I just hope I don't decide to mess up an artery or a vein.

    Does a call to 911 ever help would that just complicate matters? Am I just an attention whore? God I hate myself.
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    Heh, your not an attention whore. It's good that you've learnt alot from this forum. Perhaps ask to change your therapist to someone else?
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    Self esteem is a delusion, and most 'healthy' people have it. People who aren't depressed tend to think they are smarter, more beautiful, more likeable etc than they really are. They always hold a bias in their own favour. Etc etc.