what is society coming to?

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  1. corang

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    I just read 2 stories of cops using tazers on 10 year olds!!! One was a girl who refused to take a shower ... so her mom called the police the cop showed up and the girl was kicking and arguing with them so the cop tazed her. Not only did her mom call the cops cause she wouldnt take a shower but the mother told the police if they had to tazer her they could and so they did. The other was a boy the police came to his foster home because he was reportedly destroying property. The police showed up and the kid threw a stick at them and was holding a pipe threatening them with it. Personally I think if the police can handle grappling with a 6 foot tall man fighting back they can go over grab the pipe and handcuff him.

    The punishments they got ... the one that tazed the girl was fired because he didnt turn his camera on thats attached to the tazer. The one that tazed the boy nothing. Im not saying all police are stupid but these cops seem to be on a power trip in my opinion. Just because you have the ability to use force doesnt mean you should to that extent. The parents could also be to blame for these incidents the girl doesnt wanna take a shower whatever punish her dont call the police and say if you wanna taze her have fun. The 10 year old boy is breaking stuff grab him and make him stop.

    What is wrong with society?
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    thats unreal!!! terrible.
  3. Petal

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    If they can't control 10 year olds they are in the wrong job. Those stories are unreal :(
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    fucked up shit
    I lost faith in humanity a long time ago, and I'm only 20 lol
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    Doing some more research I found in 2007 the restrictions on using tazers were relaxed so they could use them on minors "despite warnings they could cause heart attacks in youngsters". They even asked to have computer simulations done to see if a tazer would cause a miscarriage with pregnant women ... a tazer shocks you making you unable to move and 99.9% of people will fall down when they can't move from it. What the hell does it matter if the shocks cause problems if the woman is going to FALL while PREGNANT!!! Is it just me or does anyone else see a pattern of wanting to know just how far they can go even though theyre completely aware of the risks.
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    its all about fucking control. Control is what the world revolves around. EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Its pure crap!
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    i donno whats wrong with people...i feel painful for adult...i cant emagen children...i say spically for the 1st story i hope her mom & cops to suffer & die...i guess showring is an option...a choice for God sack :'(