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What Is The Biggest Thing That Depression Has Taken Away From You?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by boo, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. boo

    boo Well-Known Member

    What Is The Biggest Thing That Depression Has Taken Away From You?
    Your joy to live? Friends? Lover? Part of your sanity? etc...

    I definately lost my sanity. Sanity to function normaly in society. Sanity to view the world in a normal way. And my relation with my ex.
  2. Bambi

    Bambi Well-Known Member

    My enthusiasm for life (joy to live)

    Again cool thread Boo.
  3. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Motivation for one. As I can see in the fact that I stopped writing music as much.
    Also my memory. I can't remember anything now.
  4. innocencexisxlove

    innocencexisxlove Well-Known Member

  5. ~Claire

    ~Claire Well-Known Member

    In a nutshell everything. Depression has taken away 'me'.
  6. Bob26003

    Bob26003 Well-Known Member

  7. coffee

    coffee Well-Known Member

    same here!
    I am so depressed now, I don't care about anything.
    nothing makes me happy anymore.
  8. jhhop

    jhhop Well-Known Member

    Everything, worst of all my kids and family.
  9. cownes

    cownes Well-Known Member

    same :hug:
  10. Chargette

    Chargette Well-Known Member

    My life.
  11. Mortal Moon

    Mortal Moon Well-Known Member

    My ability to enjoy the world I live in.
  12. justmeonlyme

    justmeonlyme Long Time SFer Staff Alumni

    it has taken away my control
    i dont no what you call it but it cause me to dought myself
  13. bubblin girl

    bubblin girl Well-Known Member

  14. Ranxerox

    Ranxerox Well-Known Member

    I didnt really have anything before i was depressed, so it hasnt taken away anything
  15. Colourful

    Colourful Well-Known Member

    My life.
  16. voices_inmy_head

    voices_inmy_head Well-Known Member

    My happiness and thus everything. I cant continue to be so unhappy. Can barely get out of bed, then dressing is another thing althogether
  17. BioHomocide

    BioHomocide Well-Known Member

    Depression has killed my motivation.

    Can't talk, can't try, can't have fun, can't change, depression has taken all the things I once enjoyed away from me and now it's so bad that my depression makes it so I can't function most of the time.
  18. Mikeintx

    Mikeintx Well-Known Member

    My ability to go into the SF chatroom :cry:
  19. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    My education.
  20. Gem_Gem

    Gem_Gem Well-Known Member

    It's taken away everything .......... My life!
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