What Is The New World Order?

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by Aquariamethystea, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TixozSuYtM8

    This has me thinking alot more than I already have been lately, even considering that my mind feels like it is about to explode from too much thought. I can imagine a scenario, which is:

    Barack Obama wins the election.

    The U.S. economy greatly improves, as well as life here in the U.S., in general.

    Almost everyone, including most Republicans, love Obama for his leadership.

    During this time, some of the large forces in the world, merge, though not all of them do.

    The biblical rapture occurs around the end of 2011, causing the world to be in chaos.

    Barack Obama announces to the world, that in order to restore order, there needs to be a uniting in merging with the world's superpower, most likely with the United Nations and the European Union, under power of whomever is the leader of it/antichrist.

    Then begins the seven year tribulation.

    What are your opinions about this?
  2. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    you're not votin for McCain/Palin?
  3. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    I was only kidding about voting for McCain. I don't really know what to
    think of the "new World Order" other than it doesn't sound like a swell
    idea. as to whether it will come to pass or not, we will have to wait
    and see. there are a lot of people in high places who give all outward
    appearances of manipulating things in that general direction.

    I hope not. we'll see...as to what it is 'exactly' I don't really know.
  4. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    Since Jesus wasn't holy in any way, but merely a (supposedly) good person with a big ego, Obama naturally cannot be "anti-Christ," either, nor can anyone. However, maybe if people keep talking silly like this, people will create a seeming prediction when Obama listens to all this silliness.

  5. Hae-Gi, I say this with all fairness and respect, especially considering that I agree with most of your opinions expressed on SF; I believe that the issue is less of a religious issue, yet, more based on reality. That is, the evidence showing that the national U.S. and very likely, the global, economy, is collapsing. The world may very well be heading toward the leadership of a total one world government system, which in itself, will eventually fail, causing worldwide mass destruction. In this, is where I believe, that there is a "higher power", although without much of the hypocritical bullshit of religion. I'll try to explain about it, in more detail, when my mind is a bit more relaxed.
  6. Issaccs

    Issaccs Well-Known Member

    The New World Order is nothing more than business men and politicians practicing capitalism and taking advantage of the good and bad situations that come their way, same shit, different century.

  7. True, on the basic level of business. However, the scope of it, goes beyond that. The size of it, is immense, the scale of power that they will have, total dominance. At that level, whenever that is obtained and realized by the masses, ultimately some form of intervention will occur.
  8. anonymous51

    anonymous51 Staff Alumni

    Theres no such thing as "The New World Order" but it does sound like a good plot for a movie :wink:.
  9. Eric

    Eric Well-Known Member

    The New World Order is a plan envisioned by the La-li-lu-le-lo. The end is nigh, brace yourselves.
  10. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    The economic situation of the US is highly exaggerated and people's overwhelming worry, around the world, probably does more damage than the original facts. Sweden had a similar economic crisis in the nineties that was so far worse than that which currently is in the US and Sweden recovered very quickly and is doing well, today, and is not even much a part of today's "crisis." Yes, Sweden is a tiny country compared to the US, but still.
  11. Eric

    Eric Well-Known Member

    Let's hope it does not fall victim to the Thomas Theorem.

  12. I could respond very simply; Sweden is an amazingly awesome country whose government is far superior to that of the best intentioned U.S. political party. The U.S. will never ever be like Sweden, unless the U.S. gets rid of so much of the corporatist baggage which plagues it. However, that will not happen.

    I believe that there is a difference with this economic collapse, compared to any other from the past. It is going to be used for some sort of global change, which there already are signs of. That change isn't going to be fully realized for a while though. This "change", being far more than is mentioned by the Obama campaign and its supporters, like me. I still hope that Obama wins and enacts the change I think that he will make to the country and to the world. In the meantime, if I suicide or die or get "raptured", I'll be able to discover true peace, eventually.
  13. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    This plan has been in place since Babylon. It's the apocalypse.
    Things will turn out ok though :heart:
  14. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    obama definitely has connections to the special interests and secret government. Or illuminati, nwo what ever you want to call them. He was funded by the rockefellers, used to work for big medical corps, and wants socialized medicine (which may really be helping medical corps become more powerful and make more profit) which is great but I think there is some agenda behind this too. He is related to bush and cheney, coincidence? I think not. He also has ties with the council on foreign relations. His head advisor was a top member. He is definitely not no strings attached, if he was he would have been marginalized by the media like dennis kucinich, ron paul, and mike gravel. I can't remember exactly all that I read about him but there is much more.

    I think its a possible theory that they want a one world government in which all the power will eventually belong to one person, the antichrist. Its like it was forseen by ancient peoples with help from higher intelligences. It inspired them to write the sumerian tablets which were then stolen and corrupted and mixed with pagan/sun worship tales into religion.
  15. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    If a new world order is formed then it will be with the help of cooperate business men and politicians and governments with hidden agenda's and special interests.
  16. I mostly agree with you, Darken, with the exception about Bush and Cheney. I think that those two are in it for money, more than power, whereas the others want more power. Bush and Cheney have hurt the NWO too much. Alot more people have risen up against the system because of Bush and Cheney, which the NWO needs to do damage control, by bringing in Obama and socialism.
  17. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    no offense, but maybe if we stopped mixing religious gobbledygook with
    reality and focused more on hosing out congress, both house and senate
    instead of listening to all the tripe from Obama/McCain and Palin/Biden
    we might have a slim chance of a functional government....someday,
    many years in the future, if ever :rolleyes:
  18. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    so it's a plot ay? Obama and socialism....what if McCain wins? or has that
    already been predetermined by the NWO? if so, how'd Bush/Cheney manage
    to stick around so long?
  19. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    Im not mixing religion with my beliefs. i'm not religious. Just saying that the evidence shows that their may be some kind of leader that will be the head of the one world government. just like some religious prohecy says.

    also bush and cheney were both great for the new world order agenda. They invaded the middle east so we can take over the few resisting countries. They stole their oil which gives them much more money and power. The passed the patriot act, which takes away our rights so we cant defend ourselves and we are easier to controll. they passed a law that lets phone companies record every thing you say on the internet/ phone. and they passed a bill in private called the security and prosperity partnership of north america, which can illiminate our borders and make us into one big country with canada and mexico and also allows them to create a new constitution. Has it been predetermined? I'm sure the top few candidates were and probably who wins also. The company diebold was caught red handed many times cheating with their electronic voting machines. That plus all the other shit. notice how we had bushes and clintons for the past 20 plus years and now we pretty much ahve people jsut like them, john mccains very similar to bush, and obama is very similar to clinton. imo

  20. If McCain wins, then perhaps if society gets their courage from wherever it seems to be stuck and actually does something with it, there can be real change, which perhaps will be what happens if McCain wins. However, the NWO globalists realize this, which is why I believe that Obama will win and make "illusionary" changes to this country, while the rest of the world starts to fall apart, then merge under more "obvious" globalist control. A major event, such as the "rapture", should it occur, would then be used by Obama as the reason to give U.S. government control to the world power. McCain just doesn't have the capability to make this happen the way Obama will.
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