What is the point anymore!!!!

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by blackfire, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. blackfire

    blackfire Well-Known Member

    I have just had enough of it all. I went back to my former high school and when I went to sign in as a guest. The lady was a total ass and told me the teacher I wanted to see was out for the semester and would be back next semester. Then I get yelled at by an administrator for parking in front of the school. This town is full of pricks. I try to be a good samaratin and get shit for it.

    As for "so called friends", I called a few of them and they want nothing to do with me. I have absolutely nobody in this world.

    It is beautiful out today, the sun is shining. Yet it is dark in my world, cold and dark...very dark. I see no hope for the future. Depression is part of my life and it takes me further into the darkness.
  2. scared_child

    scared_child Account Closed

    well, we are always here for you. And I'm sorry that some people are big jack-asses that need to get socked in the face. If you ever wanna talk, PM me, k?

    much friendly love, Songie
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