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What is the point anymore!!!!

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I have just had enough of it all. I went back to my former high school and when I went to sign in as a guest. The lady was a total ass and told me the teacher I wanted to see was out for the semester and would be back next semester. Then I get yelled at by an administrator for parking in front of the school. This town is full of pricks. I try to be a good samaratin and get shit for it.

As for "so called friends", I called a few of them and they want nothing to do with me. I have absolutely nobody in this world.

It is beautiful out today, the sun is shining. Yet it is dark in my world, cold and dark...very dark. I see no hope for the future. Depression is part of my life and it takes me further into the darkness.
well, we are always here for you. And I'm sorry that some people are big jack-asses that need to get socked in the face. If you ever wanna talk, PM me, k?

much friendly love, Songie
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