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What is the point if you are alone and always will be?

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Hi Ericouell,

I don't have a response for either of your questions, but I would like to welcome you to SF. :welcome: Be seeing ya! :wave:

With all good wishes,



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Answer to the first part - hope. The world is a big place so you would always hope someone else survived somewhere and that at some point you would meet them.
To the second part always is a long time ,things could change tomorrow,you have found SF and will make friends here who knows what that might lead to


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I just read this: if you are alone and feel lonely, then you have to change the company...thought this applies here as well..welcome and hope you can share what has brought you here...J


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I'll always be alone, I have problems with some anxiety disorders and borderline psychosis/chronic depression. I don't generally like other people because I think humanity is a pathetic smear on this planet that only wishes to fuck things up and 'have a good time'. Much prefer to be on my own. Way better that way.
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