What is the point of life..?

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    About a year ago I didn't do so well I my GCSE getting a lot of D's and only 1 C, so I went back to college and did them again.
    It was a daunting feeling of re-sitting a whole year but I did it none the less.

    It was all going well and I was getting C's in all of my tests until the last half of my exams where it was really hard stuff which I hardly knew. It was then when I started to get really depressed at the thought of failing again thus feeling suicidal, so I came on this forum for a release as I wasn't going to tell anyone around me I thought of killing myself especially my family(as my uncle had committed suicide nearly 6 years ago).

    But as I got my last exams I started not to care anymore, as I had been hit by another bombshell, my dad had been diagnosed with neck cancer... this made trying to remeber stuff in the exam even harder.

    But now, as all I have to do is wait for my results which are a day after my birthday, my dad has had a tube inserted into his stomach and he had started radio therapy and chemo therapy, it has hit the family hard. My dad had served 25 years in the british forces going through a few ranks mainly good one's, but he was a strong healthy person who wasn't really phased by many things and now you look at what he is going to be reduced to, having to be fed through a tube because he can't swallow his food, his body is going to be so weak and fragile as he will have no immune system and a whole load of other things.

    It got all got me thinking about the point of life e.g what is expected of a person, what they achieve.
    I started to think of why we have to be on this planet for 80 years and basically spend them just going along with the system.

    Many people will say the point of life is to->Get good grades->Get a job->Get married->Have kids->Spend most of your time paying off things in life.

    But seriously what are we trying to achieve? Who are we trying to prove to?

    Are we all born to suffer the task that is life, are we all just waiting till the day we die?
    Because I feel this is all life is about I personally wouldn't want to put another being through this e.g a child.

    Come on people give me some thoughts on my question.
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    I am feeling like my life is not worth a dime right now but I do have thoughts about what the point of life or at least what I used to think.
    I always felt that this life was sort of a school and place for us to learn and to grow as humans. This view as to the point of life is based on the idea that we are more than just flesh and bones (spiritual beings having human experiences) and that there is more to this world than meets the eye or we understand just yet Exactly what else there is I never really got hung up on as it does not matter too much as you cant control it nor know for sure. I just felt the point of life is about discovering our true nature or soul and is about issues of love, caring and inner peace. Maybe my life is going to have meaning when I die or maybe I touched someone here and changed them and now my purpose is fulfilled. I know that this is all pretty sappy stuff but I see much the way Taoist and Buddhists see it...we are connected to each other and we are here to learn about that connnection which is based upon love and caring.
    Gosh I hope that I made some sense to you..to me we are not here to get more toys or gain power or lead a robotic life
    I like this thread a lot, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and getting us to reflect on life's deeper meaning.
    Love ya B