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what is the point?

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Iv never usually post on here but i read alot what other peoplr have to say. guess i always kind of feel stupid. i have had the worst few weeks ever. my whole world seems to have fallen down around me and i dont no what t do any more.Things will look like they are starting to get better then all of a sudden it is as if i hit the self distruct button and mess everything up. but what makes it worse it its usually my own fault and easily avoidable. but i never fail to do it.
i jus really feel like i have had enough now..i just keep thinking about how much i want to end it all.


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hi honey you wont be the first or the last person to have avoidable problems. You should post as much or as little as you need to. We all mess up some of us like me do it over and over ! give yourself a break. If you want to talk anytime im here. *giant hug* x
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