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Ideas & Opinions What is this called?


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For some reason, something weird has started happening to me. This is what happens. So something reminds me of a traumatic event (near death, abandonment, father shouting at me whilst calling me names etc) and then I kinda zone out and have a very vivid memory of it. But I'm still aware of my surroundings. It happens the most with the father one and sometimes it's the same part just repeated since I don't really remember much of these events. Does anybody know what this is? Is it an actual thing or is my brain being stupid? I'm so confused ;-;


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You aren't being stupid at all. This is what most people would refer to as a flashback (I think). It is a symptom of PTSD. Have you been able to talk with a medical professional about this?

I haven't spoken to anyone about this since I'm not old enough to book my own appointments and I don't want my parents to know. I just thought I was being weird

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