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  1. Brokenness

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    Just when I thought I was at the lowest...I had a plan to die and wanted to stick to it but two ppl convinced me not to, I feel responsible for them and don't want them to feel bad about themselves and do something bad. So I just didn't. Before I had mixed feelings, sadness frustration, anger, fear.... Now there is a void.. I feel just nothingness. How many layers of hell does depression have? I feel like a bit of used up junk blowing in the wind on the street waiting for the street cleaner to come... Just useles and unwanted. I have no clue what to do, I just laying in bed all day, can't be bothered to eat, take meds, nothing. Just like I'm waiting for things to end but in total apathy. I need to be hugged and held and there is no one to do that for me. I keep venting all my emotional crap on here and I'm afraid I will blow off friends I have here and any connection, any help. I'm sorry. Please.....
  2. skinnylove911

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    i so empathasise with your feeling right now. Can you do something to take your mind of the depression
  3. Brokenness

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    Skinny, you are such a sweetheart, I see you try to help everyone so often and so kindly. Right now, nothing helps, no distraction.. I try and I still think..bad things. Nothing shuts it off.. Well maybe the Ativan for a bit.. I only have four tablets left, saving them for utter desperation... Cause I'm afraid things can get even worse than now.
  4. Ms_invisible

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    Do you have a hobby? Find yourself something you actually like to do. Do you have dreams? Set goals in life and try to reach out to those goals... It's easily to say no i don't and i want to end it because i have nothing left, but look around you, and don't just say no, try to say yes and look for the positive out there. Try to find yourself something you can set as a goal in life :)
    Hugs xx