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What is this?

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I have never felt like this before...and it really confuzes me, im a person who when i make a decicion or beleve in somthing i hold that close and no one can take that away from me... but now...i dont know it seems like he can make be do anything or beleve anything and even change my decitions...and i get so jelous...especialy when hes with his girlfriend or other people in our little group of people...its hard to see him kiss his girlfriend...and its strange because when there together i feel...lost? no, alone? alone...that sounds kinda right...it just seems like...i dont know...i keep thinking about him...just holding me and telling me he loves me and he always will...hes the only guy that has ever had any control over me...and the only guy that i have ever been willing to do anything for...im so confuzed...
Who is this guy? A friend or some random person? It probly is confusing, but i bet that you won't regret seeing him when you can. It seems like he might be doing some good for you. But thats just me
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