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    After a discussion last night with my husband I just wonder what am I really worth.??
    My sister in law is permanently in hospital for anything if somebody get sick she is sicker .. He don't like her much cos she mostly ignored him ..only great him if she need her back fixed...
    So he offered to take her to a pshyco Dr in the city.. 120 kilometers from here.. On his expenses its going t cost allot of money..that we actually do not have.

    2 years ago I made an accident.. Bad one ... and he never asked if .... the kids or myself need help he always just say get over it.

    Build a bridge and get over it

    What's done is done

    I am sorry it happened but nobody can change it

    Urghhh I just HATE those words
    So yes I am just wondering am I worth so little .. Do I realy have to put up with being less than nothing all my life ,..being second in all his decisions..
    I told him few moths ago just before I first came here to this site .... he must be prepared I am going to leave him and the kids behind
    He through a lot of tantrums made a big issue but never took me for help.. I told him it's in me and taking me over it's not my decision .. He just scared the shit out of me and decided I am good again..

    Doesn't matter anyhow.