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What is wrong with me?


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I'm female, 31. I only seem to tell men how I feel about them once I've developed an unhealthy infatuation to them. Which in most cases my feelings end up being hurt.

Recently a man (stranger) asked me out for coffee and I rejected him. If I don't already have some feelings for someone, then I'm just not interested in getting to know them better.

The norm is to get to know someone and develop feelings by going on dates etc but if I don't already have feelings for them I won't even bother with a first date.

Obviously, I'm tired of feeling hurt and I know it's my own doing.
Sorry that this is happening.

You're able to find men that are interested in you, and you're able to find interest in men under certain circumstances, so it sounds like it's just a matter of getting the two to align.

I hope things can work out.

Sending hugs

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