What is wrong with me?

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    I can't take no more. I am getting so paranoid. Like my mate told me to come down and I thought I had done something wrong. Turns out that actually she just wanted to see me.
    The police walk around the city and I think they are after me for nothing I have done.
    Then my friend I thought was off with me and then I Realised she was just tired and in a tired mood and that she was ok with me.
    Now the police come to my door and I think I am going to be arrested or drug tested or alcohol tested when it turns out that they were just asking me if i saw or heard anything about what happened last night as one of the sheds got broken. They even told me it was nothing to worry about but I was still paranoid.
    I suffer with depression enough as it is but paranoia as well? I mean like the police went into the same shop as me and I thought they were following me when it turns out that the police were buying a snack for dinner. arrhhhhhhh what is wrong with me.
    Why am I so paranoid...
    I am scared because I think my Dad suffers with paranoia. I don't want to turn out the same way... Should I get a box of calms to calm me down.. lol
    Sorry it had to come out...

    Yeah if you think I am nuts then I understand... Don't have to read this if you don't want to
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    I don't think your nuts at all. I do know at least for me when things get really bad I do get paranoid. Some times the drs have to put me on low doses of medication for it, and it gets better. Maybe talk to your dr about. Because I know it can start off small and build until it is out of control.