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what is wrong with the world--damn it anyway

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damn it damn it damn damn damn....aaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggggg. rant..:mad:

They do MRI brain scans and testing for stupid people that hoard items in their homes. They do MRI brain scan for the moridly obese. WHAT ABOUT ALL OF US, the LIVING people that have established BRAIN ILLNESS....don't we need the MRI tests to prove to the unbelievers that there is really a wire loose in our brains, or something to tell us that is is not!!!

Why can cancer, heart attacks, strokes, amputations, etc, etc, are ALLLL be accepted but the stigma on mental, medication, depression is looked at like we are from jupiter!!!! We just want to be hugged and accepted just like those people that go to the hospital have a stay and come home to heal.
We are not evil. Damn the professionals. Damn doctors. Damn media. Damn pharmaceutical companies that make doctors fill us up with meds and send us on our merry way.
Thanks for reading.
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