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What is your BMI?

Cicada 3301

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I'm 24.5 right now. I was probably obese or very close to it at one point in school but managed to bring it down gradually over the last few years. I never thought I could do it but I'm so proud of myself for keeping with it for so long. I never did weight myself at my heaviest and I didn't really realise how big I was getting until people started pointing it out. I think I lost a little after that because I felt ashamed and upset at what people were saying but still was overweight for many years after.
This isn't funny anymore. Weight down to 153 lb. BMI 22.0 still "normal" but I've lost 27 lbs since January. The last 7 came quick.

Pretty soon I'm only going to have one stripe on my pajamas. Have to run around in the shower to get wet.


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Your Body Mass Index score is: 17.5

A BMI below 18.5 is a health risk and too low for optimal health. Please see a GP or dietitian for advice.

GP: You're underweight
me: I know but I cba to change

I wish we could trade chub.
Mines 15.8 I would love for someone to donate
Me some weight !


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At the highest mine was 42, the lowest was 24. I'm up a bit from that now probably, but have been avoiding weighing in until I've made some noticeable progress.

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