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what is your daily routine?


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From when you wake to when you sleep, what is your routine and if you think it needs to be changed do you think you could? Let's try and stay positive on this but realistic at the same time :)


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Hmmmm I'm really embarrassed about my daily routine.

I normally wake up around 7.30 when my daughter leaves for college. Hubs usually brings me up a cup of tea (which I generally don't drink as he keeps putting sugar in it - urgh!). I get up at around 8.15, quick shower, get dressed and downstairs for 8.45. If I'm having a good day I go to the park with a friend at 9am to walk the dogs. If not, I let the dog out into the garden before getting him his breakfast. After his breakfast or walk I'll make a coffee and sit in the garden with a ciggie (or two). Then I settle on the sofa under a blanket for the rest of the day interspersed with a few coffees and trips into the garden for more nicotine fixes. I generally sleep for a few hours every afternoon, waking up when the kids get back from college and work. If I have the energy, I'll cook tea at around 7.30, if not the kids cook for themselves and I have a bowl of cereal later. Watch TV under my blanket all evening, go to bed around midnight.

Pathetic isn't it? I used to be so busy...


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When I get to depends on what shift I’m working but the routine remains pretty much the same. So up any either 6am or 8am after snoozing my alarm at least twice. From there straight to the shower coz if I don’t do it then I won’t do it. Then a cup of tea (of course). Then off to work for my eight hour shift, Home again to cook the dinner dinner as hubby works later than me. Eat the dinner, watch a bit of tv go to bed and repeat.

Not very exciting huh?

But the last couple of weeks I’ve been going back to the gym, mostly at weekends but a couple of times in the week too. It’s a start I guess.

What’s your routine @Petal ?

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Monday - Thursday. Up at 8. Work at 9.25 until 4. Have dinner break which varies from hour and a half to half an hour in between. Nothing much between 4 and 8. Shower at 8. Supposedly, then colour, journal, LTM. An hour of the spare time is spent with family usually.
Should add in exercise some days, but first have to get evening routine really into place. Not been good about it.


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I slept all day and night during the month of December. Since the middle of January, I usually sleep for about 12 hours each night, set my alarm to wake up 2 hours before my appointments on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I try to make a cup of tea to try and be alert. My hygiene is not the best, i usually roll out of bed, brush my teeth and get dressed. My appointments last 2 hours and are emotionally draining so I jump back into bed after making toast or a bagel. Then watch netflix until 9 or 10pm,take meds, do meditation and try to sleep. Thursday I mostly just stay in bed. Friday i try to see friends for coffee and/or get house ready for kids coming to visit on weekend (wash dishes, do Grocery shopping etc)

I hope that soon my body will need less sleep and I'll have more motivation to do things at home and outside the home.


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I get up at 3 am, feed the cat and do my makeup. Work at 5 am until 2 or 3 then cook dinner (lunch?) for my husband. Usually hangout until about 6 then I start making my lunch/laying out my work clothes and stuff like that. Bed by 7:30. On one day off I do errands and shopping on the other I clean my parents filthy fucking house. No one appreciates any of it, my life is totally thankless.
Oh yeah. I don't think there's much room or need for change here. Except it'd be nice if anybody else ever cleaned anything EVER.


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Generally up at 8am. Bathroom. Then straight downstairs cup of coffee. Another cup of coffee
By 9am ish pending what time youngest gets up start school and keep going till 12 ish with whatever he wants to do. Then after lunch board games with him or more school if he wants.
Make tea for about 5.30 ish. Clean up.
Shower and then craft if I have energy if not curl up with laptop.
Coffees on tap all day to keep my cogs running. Bedtime about 1am 2am or bit later if can't sleep


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Go to bed too late, and probably get up too late too. :p Take a shower, get dressed, do hair and makeup, and then eat something before I go to work, or just eat something if I have the day off. Get my dinner ready or buy it at the store. Then I spend some time online, then go to work for X amount of hours. Come home and go online, eat something, read a little, watch TV and movies, write letters if I get any in the mail. Open any packages I may have gotten. Nothing too exciting but it's life :p


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I get up at 8:30pm, check for any messages that can't wait on my phone. Time crunch to get to the shower in 7 minutes. Shower, get dressed, leave for work at 9:17pm.
Regular work day lasts till 630am but there are plenty of days I'm here til 10am.. or 2pm. It's all a crap shoot. On a regular day I just go home at 6:30, wake up the wife to have coffee together and scream at the TV. I mean, "watch the news".
After news I go to bed around 10am til 2pm, get up and go to the store, hang out or do some art stuff with the wife. This is the only part of the day that's not a given set of time.
Make dinner - EARLY - around 4:30 usually because I have to go back to sleep after that's done. Leave the dishes for someone else to do if I cooked haha and go back to bed between 5:30 and 7pm.

Pretty boring. Seems we all think we're living a boring existence but really "settled and calm" is better than "wild and crazy" to me. I don't need all that crap.
And @Petal You didn't answer your own question...


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Wake up @ 4a.m let the dog out.
I don't go to work till 7:30 but I literally need this time to just sit on my bed staring at the wall and clock zoning out contemplating life and after that hating existence if I don't get this time my whole day feels cheated . I drink major amounts of coffee energy drinks and pre workout C4 not because I work out just to wake me up
Than I dump a handful of Motrin in my hand and knock it back
I have very laborious jobs and DDD that I had to quit taking my regular meds for because of reasons I'll share some other time so it's OTC for me now .
then shower don't shower it's all the same! Clean and get dressed And exactly At 7 I bounce out the door.
around 2pm I go to my second job than around 8pm I try to drive home
I say try because nobody else on the road can drive and it becomes a personal challenge getting from point A to point B
Bay Area traffic can suck it!!
possibly eat if I'm not tired There needs to be drive thru pho but there is a taco truck next to my second job I usually stop at if I don't want to cook
Hawaiian BBQ is always best bet!
I plop down on my bed most of the time still in work clothes and fall asleep . Or plop onto bed and sit in the dark till I'm ready to move haha
Most nights Im adding up the pros and cons of me getting up to pee HA HA. ! I'm not alone in that from talking with people it is a real issue!

On the weekends starting Saturday morning I'm usually at work for 36hours straight . That's when I really go online And chat around here or if I'm in a fiesty enough mood be like I am now and chat
Pretty sure the main theme of my routine is work and sleep and a lot of zoning out
I’m not too happy with my routine but I’m usually sleep until about 3:00pm then I get out of bed brush my teeth and shower. Then, I go into the kitchen and eat so much I fall back to sleep. I sleep so much during the day that when night comes I’m up all night thinking and being depressed. I usually don’t go back to sleep until 6 am. It’s hard for me to get in a good routine because I go through so much I don’t even want to be awake.


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ok real talk I used to collect rocks...yeah I know but cooler than it sounds and knit! Used to read a lot and do crosswords like no ones business fishing yup used to fish...there is a pattern of a lot of used to hmmm
You said it, not me. I bet there's a lot more than YOU saying that too. I imagine that the depression and lack of motivation to "do cool things" just slowly drifts away until those hobbies are just memories of things we "used to do".

I used to read non-stop, 3-5 books a week for sure. I used to travel more. Hell, I used to leave the house! Now it's workhomeworkhomeworkhomeGROCERIES!workhome.

I don't find rock collecting to be boring at all actually. I don't know jack shiz about it but I can see the appeal for sure. I like rocks.
And crosswords? You gotta be bomb to do that. You're a better person than me! hahaha I like (and still complete regularly) those grid logic puzzles. I do them at work when I'm not here with you guys.


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I’m not too happy with my routine
Sounds like your days and nights are flipped around. If you're not happy with that maybe you could spend a few days working on switching it back to "normal". Then at least you'd be asleep at night when there seem to be less things creeping into people's heads. Just a thought.
Then again, you can always spend your nights here with us :)

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