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what is your daily routine?


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hahaha I like (and still complete regularly) those grid logic puzzles. I do them at work when I'm not here with you guys.
Ok I had to look that up just to make sure exactly what u were talking about and OH MAN! I hate those things they are so hard I ain't lying!!! Ughh I remember those hey props to you!


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I hate those things they are so hard I ain't lying!!
Once you do one or two then they get easier. :) The first one I did took me like 90 minutes lol I can do some in 15 now but average about 30. I've got a stack printed from the internet that I do when I am trapped in the job with no computer access here. Cause I'm not slick enough for crossword puzzles! (And I can do a word find in about 2 minutes so those are just dumb)


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I remember the days of playing solitaire with playing cards lol I used to get so mad that I would lose to myself one of the reasons I started crosswords in first place

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