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what is your problem?!

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So, Unit E4251, why are you here to see me today?
---Because I am rotten.
Rotten? What do you mean by that?
---I am rotten. My brain is a failure. A mutation. "Society", including
---myself however, seems treat it as such. You know, disgusting. Rotten.
Now I don't believe that. Why do you think you're a mutation?
---I don't really think there's a reason for my body's malfunctioning. I
---just think that it happened, without reason.
Haha, like you're some pointless fluke floating around in the galaxy!
---Yes, exactly.
I take it you're an atheist then?
---Um, basically yes.
Okay. So anyway, what has caused you to believe you're a mutation?
---I can't get my voice out of my head. It drains everything. Makes it very
---hard to concentrate.
Voice? Do you think you might be a schizophrenic?
---I don't have enough experience with schizophrenia to determine
---whether or not I have the illness, however, I do believe that this is my
---voice, and not a hallucination. I'm sure anyone could be familiar with
---this? The regular, worded-thought voice.
So does this problem only cause difficulties in concentration?
---Depends how you look at it. No in that it does affect my entire person.
---But, technically, yes, because when this
---voice (the thought in my mind that consists of all the shit that I have
---learned and now base everything on) gives me something similar to
---tunnel vision, or like a black orb over my head clouding reality. Do you
---think that's normal, doc?
---Really? Does everything everyone says create a sudden, awkward
---silence? Like there's some weird coldness to everything they say?
---What about living only in a room, or a car, or a backyard but not even
---being able to see the other wall because everything seems faded. Of
---course I am going to think a lot under these circumstances! Why is
---everyone else so "normal"? Sure, they're all unique, but they have a
---vital connection that I lack. I begin to think too much, and now I realize
---everything I know is stupid. I am 'actually' stupid.
Now why do you think you're stupid?
---Because my head is in a blur.
Would you consider yourself lonely?
---Lonely? Lonely, let's see... I have friends, but not where I live now. On
---normal weekdays, most of my socialization takes place in my bedroom,
---on my computer. No I'm not lonely though. I provide myself with
---enough company. I feel kind of pathetic because of that.
Do you believe that Ritalin can help you with your problem?
Why is that?
---Because concentration is far from the mass of my problem.
Then what is your problem?!

Older but not wiser

I truelly hope this was not a real conversation with a real doctor.

If it was then they need to go back to school.

All the answers are there, the docs just not listening or has no idea what its like to be feel "rotten", so has no frame of reference to understand what you are saying to him. (a bit like asking a rabbit what if feels like to be zebra)

Either that or its Friday and he just wants to shove some pills into to you so he can get you out of the office an enjoy his weekend.


Previous common use, rat poison

I'm not a rat

Possible side effects


hmm, nice move doc, give the little voice, more room to come out and play !
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