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What is your quick fix? ✨


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Good evening/morning everyone...

OK, so I know a lot of us sit around miserable, sad, lonely, anxious , paranoid, empty(at times)....I could go on forever but what I want to know is what is your ''quick fix'', what makes you calm and happy again, in a temporary term? What makes you feel like you have less worries in the world, what settles your mind even if only for a couple of hours? what do you get yourself lost in?

Lets keep it very inspiring and positive. Hopefully it can give others ideas on what you do when stressed etc... any unique or cool things welcome as recommendations too, even those strange ones you are shy about, whatever is positive *grouphug2

For me its a long bath, finding songs that soothe me, beauty therapy, SF (the best one), talking to the Samaritans - just for company, absolutely NetFlix too, any recommendations on that? 💗


Tagging some peeps :)

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for me it's a combination of things. if i have a bad anxiety attack i take lorazepam to calm down. working on my 64 dodge or cruising with her always improves my mood, especially when a lot of people come up and talk about her. the other thing is going on SF and trying to make a small difference...mike


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My big go to is my card making. I can really get lost in it. It's one of the few things I can find joy in. I can lose myself in doing something fun for hours and hours. I make such a huge mess, and I don't even care. I do need to motivate myself to get started when I'm struggling. I don't want to do something fun when I'm having a hard time, so I have to force myself to go start.


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Humor and mirth in all forms such as TV and movies. Reading. Now that it is getting cooling getting out the telescope and watching for when my fellow aliens make contact with me again, actually watching the Moon, Mars, Venus and Jupiter and Saturn is quite fun. Playing the guitar and other stringed instruments is relaxing also.


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Definitely agree with cheesy snacks... Preferably along with some crackers or crisps.

I used to love reading, could lose myself for hours in a good book. But I haven't read a book in over three years, just can't concentrate any more. Hopefully one day... So now it's listening to music, watching mindless comedy on TV and playing silly games on my phone.
I do a lot of isolating. Bolt holes that I go to for space where no one can find me. Everything around me is always so busy, so manic and I’m multitasking, doing things for everyone else, finding total quiet is essential. My favourite place is my local church cemetery (in fact that’s where I am at the moment). But if I can’t get there, anywhere quiet where nobody else goes. A tree at the end of the school field perhaps or an open field. And I can sit and be totally me, let everything out, cry, talk to the Samaritans sometimes, go on SF or just sit. It’s a time when I can stop fighting everything in my head and allow myself to get wrapped up in the thoughts I fight every day. Sounds odd that I encourage them when I’m on my own but it is a relief from fighting them all the time. It’s like putting down the gauntlet for a while and taking off the armour which is so heavy.


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  • Heavy metal. :D It's the constant of my life, never disappoints. Discovering new artists, singing to my all time favourites...
  • Spending time with people who matter doing whatever - this includes real life and SF friends.
  • Walking outside, nature.
  • Reading books : much less these days because, like Lu, my mind cannot focus anymore, but it used to be a huge one. I do read some philosophy & science still though.
  • SF support & modding.
  • TV series, movies.
  • Writing postcards.
  • Rubik's cube when stressed.


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Ty for the tag @Champagne & great idea for a topic too, love it! :)

Some things that help me are:

- Star Wars
- Reading
- Writing
- Watching funny movies, tv shows or videos on youtube
- Looking at beautiful, inspirational art or pictures, funny pictures/memes, pix of animals (funny or just cute ones)
- Eating yummy things (love the cheese comments ha too funny but also true, it is VERY great indeed!) like chocolate, cookies, samosas, seafood (esp. shrimp, salmon, crab & lobster, ya don't eat those last 2 very much at all lol but they're sure delicious lol) and lots of other yummy things too :)
- Making collages
- When I'm able to help others in some way, esp. with psychological kinds of things
- When others give me compliments, express gratitude to me or just show they were thinking of me in some way
- Sometimes walking
- Nature (either being out in it or looking at pix of it)
- Sometimes music but I am pretty sensitive about a lot of music, I really need for it to not be sad at all usually, very few exceptions to this.

- Synergetic conversation would be a number one way to feel a trillion times better about things but no one in this world has any true level of appreciation for such things anymore so I have been trying every day to just accept that miserable fact of life, kind of a tragedy though but whatever.

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