What it takes... (tw)

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    I just wonder sometimes what makes people act on their suicidal thoughts and what makes others too cowardly to attempt even if they feel the same way. Is there another level of despair that those of us who haven't attempted yet just haven't fallen to? Is it cowardice or simply lacking circumstance? Why do some people go through with it and others like me just whine?
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    I don't have the answers. What I do know, is that you aren't whining. It's OK to talk about how you feel.
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    Hello Mycatswillmissme, firstly a lot do try, but don't succeed, I believe the failure rate is in the 90% range. Some of them do succeed in ending up in a worse condition( medically) than when they started. I dealt with a lot of it in 20yrs working an Emergency Room, it's better to find another option. I don't mean to minimize how you feel, just being honest with you......and yes I've been suicidal myself. Hang in there, it does get better, although don't think so now.
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    Ive been at the deep end. I was psychotic and not logically thinking clearly when I took the plunge. Other times when i am thinking logically but am suicidal ...I didn't want to fail it was the fear of being worse off than I am right now as more likely to permanently damage some things in body and pain to be worse off than before.
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