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What keep's you going?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by ace, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    As hard as it is,is there anything or are there a few thing's that keep you going everyday?Is there something that would change thing's for you,especially if you could have that changed asap in any such way.
  2. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    it takes no effort to physically live.
  3. ace

    ace Well-Known Member

    Yes but alot mentally so obviously there must be something that nearly everyone has that is keeping them going.
  4. Mike04

    Mike04 Active Member

    The only reason for me is probably my brother. ...To bad he lives so far away now. Nonetheless, he would be hurt if I leave.

    ...I cant think of anything else atm, though.

    BOLIAO Guest

    The only reason why I'm still alive is that my old folks have no one to take care of them if I go. I'm so badly want to die but I can't because of them. So it's really a torture to be still alive,
  6. Deathly Strike

    Deathly Strike Well-Known Member

    Gotta be her.
  7. __Rawr.Tigga

    __Rawr.Tigga Well-Known Member

    For me... It's probably my parents. I saw what it did to them to nearly loose me, bt to completely loose me... I couldn't imagine. And they need someone to look after them. And my dog. I love the little sod. When they're gone though... There might not be anything to stop me...
  8. emptytank

    emptytank Active Member

    Not wanting to die. That is all.
  9. 2cents

    2cents Well-Known Member

    i'm hoping that by dragging 1sec, 1mnt, 1hr, 1day, 1night longer that some sort of miracle will happen - make things better & let me see life in a different way.
    though its hard to keep dragging :sad:
  10. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    the hope that in a future next moment something might just change around.

    before you know it, the day has passed and another starts
  11. crackedglass

    crackedglass Well-Known Member

    I dont know i guess partly the same as blackness..."it takes no effort to phsyically live"...and also because im trying to figure out the best thing to make everything go away...i do not believe that suddenly one day in the future everything will be miracoulosly better, my hope has burned out. Just figuring what to do really.
  12. PontyCruizer

    PontyCruizer Well-Known Member

  13. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    my dogs and the damage I would do to my kids/family if I killed myself.
  14. Urd

    Urd Member

    There are people depending on me, and I can't let them down.
  15. ClockworkCrow

    ClockworkCrow Active Member

  16. Dyno

    Dyno Member

    for me its probably that i'm not 100% sure my girlfriends cheating on me, but i'm about 90% sure she is when i find out for sure it'll be over
  17. Paige Adelina

    Paige Adelina Member

    the only reason for me is my parents. i dont want them to be alone.
  18. jonstark

    jonstark Well-Known Member

    Habit :dry: .
  19. BobH

    BobH Member

    Music. My mom I'm the only thing she's got.
  20. DanielC

    DanielC Member

    for me its honestly the realization that once i die, its permanent. there is no going back. i have had times where i just absolutely want to die but i can just never bring myself to actually do it.

    the closest i got was actually a few days ago where i took a boxcutter and ran it along my wrists to see how much it would hurt. it wasn't as bad as i thought, but i found i didn't actually want to go through with it.

    something in me just keeps believing i will find somebody who will want to share life with me and love me as i am, without asking me to change everything about myself.

    and be a nerd. a mac nerd would be even better :p
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