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What makes it hurt more.


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My friend had schizophrenia and/or bi-polar disorder. Used drugs, too. But, she was well-liked. Outgoing, etc. For five years we were friends. We went to restaurants, movies, etc. I was proud to have her as a friend. It was platonic, but that was OK. Five years is an investment. You share so many experiences.

Well, just as the friendship should be on schedule to be a life-long, one of a kind friendship, she slips into .. insanity; depression. She withdrew from everyone. She no longer returned my calls. She had her phone turned off because she found it annoying. About nine months went by, and then she took an overdose. It might have been accidental, I'm unsure what to believe.

Five years. And then, she turns against me and her friends, in that she severs contact. The, she is dead. It seems so cruel.



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Hi Lonz, I'm so sorry about your friend, it sounds as though you had a wonderful friendship. Be grateful for that, remember the times you had
together, the laughter, the fun, even the not so good times... as time passes it are these memories that will sustain you.

Depression is a wicked illness, it can make our thinking, our attitudes, and our actions appear unrecognizable from the people we were before.

Although it appeared that your friend
turns against me and her friends, in that she severs contact
, remember that was not your friend in full control of her thoughts and actions, rather she was in the depths of despair, the real her buried beneath the weight and confinement of Depression.

Take care Hazel x

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