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  1. lozzie

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    Is that people judge mental illness like its a choice. Like people choose to be this way like we choose to have this in our lives. U hate it how people look at it as a kind of attention seeking behavior. I can tell u now it's not, it's not a choice to have this in ur life.
  2. nolonger

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    I don't know why someone would want to 'act' this way to get attention. How the fuck does someone 'act' unhappy? Like shit....I can barely act happy let alone unhappy(then again I look unhappy most of the time because of a few different reasons).

    I've never really had a problem with people thinking I was putting up some 'emo act' or what ever. But I guess that's because no one in real life actually knows how I feel...although I have heard what other people have said about those with a mental illness. Namely depression etc. One chick got dumped when her 'boyfriend' found out she was cutting etc. I don't know how that's ment to help the situation but what ever.

    If there was a choice between being unhappy and happy/mentally sane, I'm fairly sure we'd ALL choose to be happy etc. Why wouldn't you?...:unsure:

    It's always amusing when you see people taunting others with mental illness/troubles about suicide. It doesn't take an awful lot for those suicidal thoughts to change into homicidal ones(well for me atleast :tongue:).

  3. IV2010

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    this upsets me too the way people think we can snap out of it..
    It's beyond my control without the help of meds, therapy, etc.
    my estranged daughter told me I was selfish because I needed my family's help.
    say no more!!!
  4. total eclipse

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    Your right IV they haven't got a clue the depth of emotion sadness we feel.
    If they knew no way the would be saying snap out of it. Family seem to be the worse at not understanding that is why i hide the dam illness from all of them They just don't understand and i don't have energy to explain it to them.
  5. bluegrey

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    The average person gets saddened or stressed by daily pressures/problems and yet they are able to get themselves back to feeling well and balanced because they are psychiatrically wired- equipped to do so. They just can't relate with emotional paralysis so they see many mental disorders as a moral failing.

    Every person here has family that unfairly judges them.
  6. Kendle

    Kendle Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure about responding here, because maybe this won't help. I don't know. But I want to present a possible reason for the viewpoint you've been talking about here.

    For people that have been 'dealing' with those that have issues with depression, or with suicidal thoughts, it can get repetitive. If you try and try to help someone with problems, and it still won't get better, then eventually it gets to be too much. As someone who is needed to help someone over their difficulties, it can sometimes seem as if the bulk of the effort rests upon the person who is closest to the one in pain.

    I am not saying that the one in pain needs to do everything on their own. Just that the people that are relied upon to give help, may not be able to shoulder the responsibility. We are not a nation(s) of strong people anymore. Even the best of us can buckle under the pressures of demand...demand to help, demand to support, and demand to be strong. It really is not surprising that those we look to, to help us 'get better', are unable or unwilling to put so much of themselves forward, when they themselves have less to give.

    I don't know what the answer is. Just that, it's not exactly fair to blame others for their inability to understand or rise up to the fact that those around them need help...help that is at the very least difficult to commit to. People are selfish, and have had much less in the way of life experiences to give them the tools to be able to help others with mental illnesses without losing themselves.

    It's not a question of them saying 'snap out of it'...or not always. But can we expect them to be able to cope, when we have so many problems ourselves?

    I want help too. I can understand the need, especially when we're talking about people that have bound themselves to us. I'm not excusing them, I just want to present an alternate viewpoint that might help in understanding the 'get over it' reaction.
  7. Ravenwing

    Ravenwing Well-Known Member

    People can be dumb, stupid, dangerous animals, especially when it comes to being scared of things that they do not understand. Things like mental illness. It beggars belief that someone can just mooch up to me and say "snap out of it". Oh, if only it were that easy.
  8. lozzie

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  9. Fitzy

    Fitzy Well-Known Member

    A bit like telling someone with a broken leg that a 5 mile run will make it better!
  10. damage.case

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    Next person that tells me to "cheer up" or "it'll be ok because it always is" is getting punched in the face.
  11. lozzie

    lozzie Well-Known Member

    alot of people think that its as easy as smiling. ITS FREAKIN NOT. i put on a "smile" so that everyone leaves me alone about being down. I didnt choose to suffer from severe depression, freaking hell :(
  12. fallingangie

    fallingangie Well-Known Member

    you are so right! i lost my friends because they labelled my depression as drama !!! well now i know one thing.. they were never my true friends!