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what makes this forum diffrent?

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what do you like the most about this forum?
why do you all come one here (appart from support)?
what sets it appart from all the others?

i like this forum because the people are great and FINALLY i am talking to people who arent just pretending to understand me (like therapists)
and i like the fact that it dosnt have a massive banner saying "SUICIDE FORUM" if it had that my mum would know what i was up to :)
I don't know.. it just happens to be a forum that I visit, I can't really honestly say that it's much better than other boards. I've been to a lot of boards, but this site does have a modest and lonely feel to it, perhaps because of the low population coupled with the somber theme of most topics within. I don't mean this in a bad way, I think the site has a lot of personality and soul to it - and truly, the spirit of a site is comprised of all the users who contribute. It is only fitting that a forum about suicide seems barren and melancholy. Although I have noticed the moderators and admin seem pretty down-to-earth, and are positive (without being intrusive about it) which is of course a good thing. It's helpful that there's a chat room, and that the site is free with no noticeable financial problems over bandwidth, and seems to be free of unwanted traffic and forum trolls in recent times.

While the population on this site is much smaller than most sites I frequent, I've seen some promising trends on here so far, and would predict more long-term positive growth and continued development of a strong community. A good portion of commited, helpful users have surfaced, though the site could probably use more diversity and a higher ratio of experienced veterans willing to help the large percentage of suicidal people. There are many ways the site could be improved, but it is not my place to say. It's generous enough that the founders continue to support this site for the public, and I acknowledge their good spirit in doing so. This site's main strength is the fact that it simply exists as a gift to those in need, no second agenda or authoritative system is in control here - it's simply a place for anyone to discuss the issues we often struggle to address in reality, it's a safe haven for anonymity and truth.
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The thing I like most about this forum is the beautiful people.

I come on here because I find 'realities of life' within the forum. I hope that maybe my words go some way to comforting someone in distress. There's room for laughs in the coffee house and soap box.

I've only used two other forums. What sets this one apart is that I can relate far more easily to people. I feel completely at home navigating around. I also think the moderators, site helpers etc are cool. They're not on power trips, and are genuinely helpful, - as are all the members.


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What I like best about SF is the love and support I get so freely from the many friends I've made here. And when I can't (afford to) "go" anywhere I know I have a place here where I can go anytime and feel welcomed.

love to all,:hug:

I've only been a member for less than a day but I've been to a lot of forums on the net and I do have to say that this is one of the most supportive places I've been to.

I'm overwhelmed with the amount of 'non-judgment' that I've received and the general feeling of acceptance that I see in most threads. Especially concerning the sensitive nature of the topics that are posted on this site too.


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I think its because theres more of a sense of a community here than there is on any other forum, u sort of feel more that people care about u here xx


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I haven't been a member long but I like the way that people really seem to care about others whether you've been here for 2 days or 2 years it doesnt matter. From reading the posts the majority of people here seem genuine and its not just words on a screen but its about caring, friendship and support for everyone here.
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