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what makes you happy?

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My miracle child ! lil 5 year old the sun shines out of his bum ! and of course my strapping 12 year old who is a very good boy for his mum. My hubby who does stupid things to make me laugh when im depressed (doesnt work but bless he tries)

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Going to the beach, naps, clean sheets, days when I don't have to work, cold nights wrapped up in a warm blankie, fairy lights, and cuddling with kittens.
Music, good iced coffee, family, the beach (I could never explain to anyone the special connection I have with the beach), and the mountains.


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Being underwater is the easiest way to make me happy. Honestly, if I had gills I would only ever come to the surface to eat pizza and play video games.

Other than that, being nice to people, and people being nice to me usually works. Oh, and pizza. Pizza rules. And also I am quite fond of reading. There are other things that cheer me up but these are the things that work best.


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myself, it's the only thing i can trust, and even that makes me feel worse. everyone else just says stuff but doesnt know what those words mean. as far as other things? nothing really..
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