What med puts you to sleep?

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  1. If any, what pill/med or combonation of meds puts you to sleep? Tonight I'm trying benadryl + valium and hoping against all hope that I get some sleep. I'm sure if I had more of each it would work, but I only have normal doses. Which is good, I suppose. :yes:
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    I am sleepless most nights but I didn't take any sleepings pills etc. Try something more natural maybe like honey or milk. I think its best if we can avoid medicine.
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    Sorry for the dumb reply. I was kind of blur just now..
  4. Yeah I've heard all about the tiring effects of milk. Too bad it does not work on me, or I would try. I think turkey works better. They say it's got something in it that causes tiredness. Too bad it's not Thanksgiving.
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    i take ambien sometimes, trazodone sometimes, klonopin in certain doses makes me mellow enough to knock out if i'm already tired, and if i need an antihistamine (usually because of a bad reaction to some new med one of my brillian doctors wanted me to try:laugh:) i take atarax ... which definitely helps me sleep because my mind is no longer racing from thought to thought like a rat on speed would race around a room if given the chance.

    nothing else really does the trick. i've never tried any of the other sleep meds out there save rozerem, which i was given in the hospital a few times when i had to share a room with an old lady who kept ripping out her iv's and taking off her clothes and moaning and muttering all night to the point where it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a moment of rest. i don't really remember how well the rozerem worked because i was already so exhausted ... it just gave me that last push over the edge so i could get a few hours of sleep ever few hours.
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    yeah, milk doesn't work and i don't like sweets, so honey is out. the idea of warm milk revolts me unless there is cocoa in it. *shrug* ... i know i sometimes fall asleep after a big turkey dinner, likely because of all the tryptophan in it ... but the chances of me eating that for dinner every night for the rest of my life are nil.
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    Ambien or Lunesta seem to really put my lights out. :eek:utcold: Taking melatonin with it seem to make them work better. May switch to ambien CR. Got a letter from the drug plan people. Guess they don't like paying for Lunesta.
  8. Ambien is a narcotic so it works better on me(used to take it). Lunesta or Ambien CR are non narcotic. Also Ambien has no generic brand, which is why I had to stop it(around $3 a pill... pricey). I've found that melatonin increases the effects of benadryl for me. So I believe I could sleep if I stocked up on those 2 things. I mean it's rediculous how none of the herbal sleep remedies work for me. I've tried almost all of them: Kava Kava root, Passiflora extract, Valerian root, & Melatonin by itself. :huh:
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    This is a late addition, but there is now a generic for ambien...called Zolpidem Tartrate
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    Thanks for the info.
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    i take a high dosage of trazadone and a normal dose of benedryl and most of the time that does the trick.
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    The only thing that get me to sleep is Seroquel. :unsure:
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    Not a medication, but I've found that large amounts of sugar puts you to sleep; especially if you're eating it in bed. It heightens your sugar levels, with them plummeting, after a while, causing tiredness. Not too healthy, though; especially not for people who no longer are young.

    I'd strongly advise against using Valium or similar drugs; Valium can cause permanent memory loss, when you stop taking it. Imagine waking up to a world you're completely unfamiliar with, one day, just because you stopped taking it, the day before.
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    ativan worked for me when I had some of it (prescriped once right after stbx left when I was really sick and too stressed to sleep). Benadryl with melatonin works a lot for me, or a drink and a benadryl or melatonin. Or Nyquil/Melatonin - that's worked before. Exercising earlier in the day to be physically tired helps sometimes but I usually don't manage that.