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what meds are you on?

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sertaline 200mg and venlafaxine 75mg, im not long on the combination and the venlafaxine has just not long been increased but there has been a slight improvement, still a long way to go though.

am I alive

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i am mixing Diazepam i Bensedin, a few pills of both, when I am in a bad mood, when I am in a good mood I am not taking anything, yeah I know its a bad idea...


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was on sertraline, olanzipine and another i cant remember now, but now only on citalopram, started on 10mg which was horrible then upped to 20mg which was ok and upped to 30mg which is making me twitchy, still dry mouth, even harder to sleep and when i do have really odd dreams, brain zapps, confusion and totally couldnt care less and am supposed to go up even higher...emotionally numb and basically useless


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mine aren't working. i take wellbutrin, geodon and zoloft. they sort of worked at the beginning but i don't know if they stopped working or its' just that they don't last as long anymore. idk


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:brainfart: mirtazipine was the one i forgot...none of them worked and gave me horrific side effects resulting in more meds and loads of blood work... *sigh* sometimes meds just aren't the fix the docs want them to be so dont
feel down if they dont work, i hate meds for lots of reasons but you have to just work thru the list to get to the one that works for your, so dont give up trying, talk to your doc
Sertraline. It took a while for it to kick in, maybe because I started low dose, but I have noticed a major difference over the past year even if my dose probably still needs to be increased some.


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Besides my asthma meds I'm supposed to be on Prozac and klonopin but haven't had them for a while. And sometimes trazadone and I was on Zoloft at one point too in an attempt by my doctor to replace the prozac. that didn't work out too well.


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yeah i am on 120mg of mirtazapine and 100 mg of seroquel at night and they are not working for my depression but they help me sleep


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i was on zoloft at one stage and it really fucked me up i have bi polar disorder and made me get really bad mania for about a week of no sleep, i had not had a mania eposoide b4 i was put on this i was wondering if anyone else with bi polar disorder has tried this med and had a simlar reaction. i am sure i even have bi polar maybe it was just an adverse reaction of the drug. i wouldnt mind hearing from other bi polar sufferes and this drug


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My doctor wouldn't take me seriously, so all he did was put me on 20mg of Citalopram. It didn't help so I just stopped taking it. My dad wouldn't take me back to the doctors.
I have been on A LOT of different meds but I am currently on Topiramate 25mg, which is a substitute for Topamax, I'm on Mirtazapine 30mg, which is a substitute for Remeron, and Lexapro 20mg. I don't think they're working very well anymore, but they do help me get to sleep at night which I like.


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I have been on two medications in the past 4 years. But I'm not on anything right now.
I think I feel better without them.
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