What meds can i take to lose sexual interest?

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  1. Anonymu

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    I am a boy,18 yrs old,and i know i will never have sex.I won't go into details,since this will lead to you convincing me to have guts and talk to a girl and me not doing anything about it.I've talked about the fact that i'll never had sex on other forums,so i know where this discution leads to.
    What I want to ask you,is if you know about any meds that can maybe eliminate my sexual interest or at least make me less interested.I know how to "spank the monkey",so this is not what i'm saying.I'm talking about meds to make me asexual if posible.Do you know of any that could help?
    This way i will never be bothered that im a virgin.
  2. TerrapinStation

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    This is a horrible way to go about this and i strongly urge you to reconsider, but the following will lower ones sex drive:
    SSRI antidepressants in particular (Paxil, Prozac)
    Opiates (morphine, diacetylmorphine(heroin), codiene)
    Opioids (oxycodone, hydrocodone, etc)
    Benzodiazapines (Valium, Klonopin)

    Perhaps, as you are not opposed to "better living thru chemistry", a psychedelic session where you can really think about WHY you want to cut this wonderful part of life out of your existence forever is in order. Many hallucinogens are 100% legal and some are very gentle with the psyche. 4-AcO-DMT comes to mind.

    Now, ideally, none of these suggestions should be considered, but he wanted his question answered, there it is.
  3. *sparkle*

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    im not sure that what your saying would be a way forward would actually benefit you or help you in the long term. it sounds like a cliche but i DO think you are best talking about how you are feeling and exploring why you are feeling like this is the way to go. at age 18 (or even any other age) there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin. im happily settled now with a lovely man, but theoretically speaking, i would rather meet a man who had waited for the right person than someone who had slept with anyone and everyone. there's something very different between 'sex' and 'making love'. i know which i would prefer. there's nothing wrong with you if you havent had sex yet
  4. Anonymu

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    i am on prozac,and yes,i did noticed that i am less atracted to girls.But what i want is someting to make me almost indoferent if posible.I'll see about that ach or whatever you wrote is called.
  5. Bob26003

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    This is why prostitution should be legal
  6. Datura

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  7. Rayne

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    Also, getting rid of the sexual desire to have sex doesn't mean you wouldn't feel lonely. You say you can't talk to women - you'd still probably crave a relationship. It seems more logical to address the issues that you have, speaking to women. Being a virgin at 18 isn't a big deal.. at all. Who knows what will happen in the next ten years, hm?
  8. Avarice

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    I don't think you should make such drastic decisions at your tender age. Ideally, I'd suggest keeping your options open and working through your personal problems in the meanwhile. However, I don't know the ins and outs of the situation you are in, so I cannot really comment.

    Either way though, I hope whatever you decide to do works out for you. I'm sorry that I am not able to answer your question due to my lack of experience & knowledge.
  9. aoeu

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    Best way to learn to talk to women: talking to women. Treatment for social anxiety can help greatly, both with this problem and with every other aspect of your life.

    Also, in my experience, the best way to lose sexual interest is to occupy yourself with other things (and jack off when your body tells you to, do it quickly to porn and return to your other activities)
  10. Ranxerox

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    The loneliness and lack of intimacy will only get worse, and it will burn you from the inside out. If it doesnt kill you, then you will be stronger and you will learn to live without the love of others. There is nothing you can do to prevent this, other than finding someone to love you. For the sexual lust/desire, join a gym and start weight training, and focus your feelings and frustration into your lifts, it helps alot. Or you could take up a full contact martial art and sweat/bleed those feelings out. Basically any time consuming hobby will do.
  11. sickjk

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    Plain old depression seemed to do the trick for me
  12. Jeff481

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    Virginity is more of a blessing then you think. Your first time should be perfect, not just a quick romp in the alley behind a bar. Don't be concerned with sex, it will happen.
    Try practicing talking to females in a safe setting such as a library. Don't lurk around just browse the shelves while looking for girls who are looking at the same genre of books you like to read. Make small talk, recommend some books, ask her what she would recommend. its a laid back situation with no pressure. Its a small step but its forward movement.
    Killing your sex drive won't do much, it might even make it more awkward. To get the level of suppression that you want requires some extremely drastic measures that are most likely irreversible.
  13. ansdr

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    Oh gosh i understand, i was thinking about getting some type of chemical thing done to me. Yeah the male sexuality seems like a curse. Everyone is mean to you for it and people call you horrible names. I won't give any advice but atleast your not alone.

    You know what man, you don't need anyone, you don't need intamicy despite what all these people are saying or anyone to love. Because needing intamicy means you "need" someone else. And once you need someone else you put yourself in a dangerous position emotion wise. Just look at me, my whole life has been ruined because of my libido. Plus sexual stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be. Hey I understand. Personally right now I could care less about dying a virgin. Sexuality, has no purpose other then keeping the species alive. It's now become something "fun" that people do. But what is "it" really? That's another way mentally you can not care about sex, because what is it, your not caring about another person. Your being used by nature. It's sad but it's true.

    If you don't want the male libido i think it's tragic you have to be forced to live with it. Woman do just fine, and I here since they don't have testerone they don't have a high sex drive as guys do which why they don't constantly feel an urge to do it.
  14. Rayne

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    For most its not constant, no, but women have the same urges quite frequently and just as strongly after long periods without sex. With women though, it tends to change a lot through out the month. There are plenty of women with high sex drives.
  15. boo

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    Not a "med" per se, but it's the ban to all girlfriends and have boo's seal of approval and it's call MMO (massive multiplayer online) games! Oh yeah! Like World of Warcraft. Oh yeah! who need a girlfriend when you have that Epic purple glowing sword that makes every geek drool with envy... I'll guarantee you will never EVER see a real sun ray ever again! Woot woot! And beside those Blood Elves are dead secksy!!!
  16. Murkury

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    The drug you are searching for does not exist. I have looked.
    There are drugs that will lower your sex drive but that isn't what your looking for.

    Your only 18 so your still lucky. I'm 25 and after 4 years of basically zero female contact it gets worse. Sex is a need.
    Food, shelter, clothing, but they left out sex.

    Your only 18 so I'll tell you what happens: When you are young you want to find the best possible mate - most attractive, most successful, etc... as time goes on and you can't find them 99% of people 'lower their standards'. So they settle for what they can get. It seems to be an instinctual thing this -settling. It may sound bad, like people are giving up, but when you look at them a while later they are very happy.

    Chances are by your early 20's you will settle for whoever and be happy.

    Since their is no drug, the only alternative I can see is Escorts. In most countries Escorts are legal, its PUBLIC prostitution that is not. This seems to be the only way but without an emotional connection I'm not sure this will even solve the problem.
    And escorts are 200-300 dollars an hour. How much can an average person afford at this rate? 1-4 times a month at most!
    I have an appointment with a psychiatrist and I'm going to see if I can get a prescription for this so I can at least claim the cost as a medical expense.

    If I can't then I don't know. I guess I'll slug it out until I'm 30 and then be done with the whole thing.

    Edit: World of warcraft works for about a year or so. But the games wear out after a while and then you realise you've gained 60pounds and can barely run for 100meters. Before WoW I was 170lbs and ran 3+ km every day. Do I regret it? yes, but WoW was one heck of a game!
  17. mcviking

    mcviking Well-Known Member

    No. I live in a country where it is and if you are a lonely desperate man it only makes things worse. Hookers don't kiss. There is no connection. It is often rather boring even if they are the most beautiful woman you have ever seen in your entire life. It makes you feel hollow and stupid for wasting your money doing something you should have just used your hand for in the first place.
  18. rojomi

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    ice cubes.
  19. 1izombie

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    i know of one drug but u need to have cancer to get it...ur sex drive becomes non existent ...i forget what it called but there r drugs out there but i doubt u'll be able to get them...i have the same problem im a virgin and 35yo....
  20. fromthatshow

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    Certain anti-depressants can work, as has already been listed. Also, there are certain hormone pills you can take. I remember being in the psych ward once and they were doing a full evaluation like I had to talk about my sex life and stuff. So I told them all about the fucked up shit I used to watch on the computer. They gave me two options to try if I wanted. I forget the first, but the second was a hormone pill that was supposed to lower my sex drive.

    You might be able to get a hormone pill to do the job by just asking about it. Or you could always lie and say that your sex-drive is through the roof and it interferes greatly with your life and well being.