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What more do you want from me???

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I have given you my life, my family all of it. I said, Here Lord, manage my life cause I can't do it anymore. I said help, because I dont know what to do.

You said, OK, go and play drums for Me at the church. Give back the gift I gave u and use it to help save souls for My Kingdom.

I said, yep sounds great.

So what is it, Lord, that on this day, I find myself and my family out of funds and out of food? Why is it, Father, that my only daughter, had to pay the electric bill?

Have I not served you well? Have I not tried with all my power and ability to be Your servant?

Whys is it, that I am faced with terrible health issues that could at any second erupt into only YOU know what.

So, sit back and watch my family starve...that must be waht you want. Cause, we are broke and out of everything.

Oh Lord, I almost forgot, but you knew...on top of all this, you have deemed it time for my tooth to go haywire, and having me go to a dentist that I cant afford, again with NO MONEY, HELLO GOD? Are u listening?

That makes little difference, as I doubt I will have the funds to put gas in my car tomorrow, unless I write a bad check tonight. So I wont be able to work, let alone get to the damned dentist.

Thanks again, for nothing!!!!

thanks for nothin
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