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What music player/streaming service do you use and are you on Last fm?


The way people listen to and buy music has changed enormously the last 20 years. I for one am from the oldskool way of things regarding music. I still buy cd's and vinyl because I like cover artwork, liner notes etc. I never really got into downloading. Cd's I rip to my music player because to my ears, it doesn't lose any of the original sound quality. I began some ten years ago with WMP, I also downloaded Itunes but since I never owned a Mac I never really used it, it just didn't work that well on my laptop. A few months ago I started to have problems with WMP (WindowsMediaPlayer) after an update. I started looking for a new music player and downloaded MusicBee. Imported my library, over 13000 tracks, and never looked back. I can recommend MusicBee to anyone who's looking for a good music player.

I also use Spotify from time to time. It's good to find new tracks and artists. If I find something good, I still will buy the cd or vinyl record in my local record store or online on Amazon.
Youtube is also a good site to find new or old full albums, tracks, bands, etc . The sound quality is a little off at times on youtube but it has bettered these last few years.

And then Last fm, some of you might know it, some might not. If you click on the last fm extension in your music player you can "scrobble" all your tracks you listen to directly to your last fm account. If you enable last fm on spotify it'll "scrobble" every track you stream to your last fm account. It's not "new" but it's cool. You can browse through your stats, make friends with like-minded listeners, browse through artist biography's, get recommendations based on your listening experience and other features. Btw, I have an account on Last fm for eight years now.

So how do you listen to/buy music? Do you still by cd's/records or do you download? Do you use a streaming service and/or music player. Do you only use Youtube? Do you only use a cd- or recordplayer? Do you have a Last fm account, and if so, do you use it? I'm curious!


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Call me old fashion as well, but I've still got cd's which I still listen to. I've also used itunes but nowadays like you guys use youtube, which is quite handy for tracking down tunes I might have heard on the radio as as well using soundcloud.
Nothing wrong with still having CDs. I have a few, but not many. I find YouTube to be the easiest of all, though. And it's free.


Call me old fashion as well, but I've still got cd's which I still listen to. I've also used itunes but nowadays like you guys use youtube, which is quite handy for tracking down tunes I might have heard on the radio as as well using soundcloud.
Yeah Soundcloud, man the possibilities are endless nowadays. I have a psytrance mix I've made several years ago on soundcloud.


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I use YouTube and download to my phone, primarily. I'm not really sure how to get the best sound quality or integrity and what is better than mp3s. I do buy CDs occasionally if they have nice packaging and collector's items inside but I don't have many because they're so expensive. I don't have a quality sound system to play them on anyways. I've tried Pandora and Spotify but they didn't stick.


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On my Laptop, I use Winamp. It's old and no longer being maintained, but it works with my screen reader, so I'm loyal to it.

On my phone, what I use changes by the day. Sometimes I subscribe to Apple Music. I often use YouTube just to find random songs I want to hear, and I use TuneIn to check out radio stations all over the world. I've got an Alexa device, so I do use Amazon, and I've got Sirius XM through the Alexa device.

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85% of the music I "own" are digital downloads from music platforms like Bandcamp, Boomkat and iTunes - Though I only buy music through bandcamp at the moment, it's awesome. :p They got my taste in music / genres and all that.
10% CDs (which I can also buy using bandcamp) and 5% of my music collection is Vinyl. :)

The best music player is for sure Foobar2000 - It offers the best playback of music (file extentions/format like ALAC/FLAC/mp3/wav/aiff etc) and offers Wasapi, not just Direct Sound, since I have a AV Receiver and also a seperate DAC-Headphone-Amplifier with nice headphones so that I can bitstream the music straight to the receiver or amp. :p

I don't use my last fm account anymore,.. I think I buy like 120+ albums (digitally) a year maybe? Not sure...


I don't use my last fm account anymore
That's just too bad :p

I think I buy like 120+ albums (digitally) a year maybe? Not sure...
I'm glad you're still buying music even if it's just downloads. You gotta support the artists you like. Over 120+ albums a year is nice, you must have a quite extensive collection by now :cool:

The best music player is for sure Foobar2000
Could be... I've been using MusicBee for a few months now, still discovering/playing with it. I think I'm gonna stick with it for the moment.


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I use apple music. I like that I can ask Siri to play things while I'm driving. I haven't *owned* music in a few years. I actually don't even have any way to play a cd anymore. Well, my car has a cd player, but the last one I played was stuck in there for 3 years so..


I was thinking about my younger years when I had just a few singles and cassette tapes but I really didn't have the money to buy a lot of them. I did have a lot of empty maxwell cassette tapes, so I waited for my favourite top 30 radio show on saturday to record all the tunes I wanted. Ah, the 80's... good times! :D It feels like a hundred years ago now when I look back on it. God, I'm getting old :eek:


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I used to listen to Pandora when I was at my uncle's. I have a Pandora and Spotify account, but never really used them yet. I mostly listen to music on YouTube. I have many CD's and even some cassettes.

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