What other forums do you visit?

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I'm wondering if you guys spend your internet time in other forums besides this wonderful one. :smile:

As for me, I visit right now www.asiafinest.com/forum, just a forum for asians to hang out, talk about all sorts of stuff. I'm there under <mod edit-gentlelady-personal info>

I used to go to www.notebookreview.com, a huge forum full of notebook/laptop enthusiasts like me but I stopped and have decided to spend that time over here instead due to my depression getting worse. I was there under <mod edit-gentlelady-personal info>
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im usually in Grab.com and Braintalk communitys. brain talk is set up excactly like this but differant topics. its pretty much for neurological conditions, is been down for weeks now though stil waiting for it to come back


myspace, vampirefreaks also places like ciao and ipoints and i shop online a lot too and check out the bbc news
I usually spend most of my time here now.

I also check out a few rail related forums :)

I spend a small amount of time on Afterdark also.
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