What Problem?

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    What Problem?

    When she said that’s nonsense, cough
    Know it’s getting harder and harder to stop
    When the train goes idly by
    My hours are spent stifling internal cries
    As their hearts go on to happiness
    I can’t even stop this ugliness
    With their feet propelled forwards because they spoke
    My fears surround me in attempted choke

    Maybe one more, just for kicks
    Even humour drowns in these black pits
    Flagrant stares, you’re out of your role
    A smile hides the torment of a soul
    Join us in our reverent zeal!
    There is no lotion strong enough, to erase the way that I feel
    They lay their tables, ever pitiless
    My face engulfed in hideous redness

    She points the finger, you never listen
    These instruments O’shattered beauty are my prison
    Be ready or you’ll feel my knife
    Seeking only for the powers to live my life
    Now tell me son, what do you say?
    You’ll find no answer, save that I cannot believe I have to face the unbearable misery of yet another day
    Well with that attitude you’ll never find a fan
    I’m nothing like you think I am

    ~ Muffin
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    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    wow very heart spoken verse well written
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