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What SF Has Meant to Me project


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I want to re-design the logo. I’m no graphic artist but I am a marketer and have an eye for things like that. The current one always annoys me ;)
That is really nice of you to offer - unfortunately redesigning the logo would actually mean a massive amount of work to go back through all the resources and posts and images that it is currently a part of and all the various sites and organisations around that have asked permission to reference it when referring people to us and I just don't have the hours and hours a full rebrand across the internet and all our resources and assets would take. Sadly, if I have learned anything in my years running marketing for brands, you can never please everyone with a logo (or even much more than half the people lol)

On a separate note - just wanted to hop on and let you know that we have created a new banner "SF Creative" to recognise any/all people who contribute to the "What SF Has Meant to Me" project with all your awesome creativity and kind help.

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