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What SF Means to Me Quotes


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Please reply to or just "quote" or "reply" to any one (or more) of the following questions. You can highlight the question or questions and choose reply or quote and just fill in the blanks if you like, or any othee method that we are able to decipher is fine.

"I found SF when I was searching for______________________ . I joined and use SF still (for/because)___________________________________ "

"I love SF because it (helps me/ makes me feel/ is a place where)_____________________________"

"SF is a place where I feel like I can ______________________ without worrying about______________________"

"The thing I like most about SF is __________________________________________"

"SF is a place where I can ____________________________________________"

"The best thing about SF ____________________________________"

Or feel free to make your own statement. These are just some easy to finish ways of saying the things we are looking for to use in our video project. Any statements may be used in that video or other SF creative material. All that participate in the project will get the SF Creative banner (if do not want banner please say so) . If you want your quote to remain anonymous instead of credited to username please say anonymous. (Still get banner unless decline banner as well). This is just being supplied to help out the people thta have been saying they are unsure of how "to do it" or what to say.

Thank you !!!


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"I found SF when I was searching for______________________ . I joined and use SF still (for/because)___________________________________ "
I was looking up suicide methods. I joined and stayed because I found out people cared and it really helped to talk to other people in the chatroom.

"The thing I like most about SF is __________________________________________"
The people and friends I have made since joining.


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I found SF when I believed I couldn't cope with life anymore and decided to research suicide methods. SF came up as one of the first results of a search; because of it's name I thought it was what I was looking for, but it was something quite different. Sceptical at first, I joined and have never looked back. The kindness and compassion of the people here encouraged me to consider alternatives to suicide.

I love SF because it feels like a family. It is full of people who have such a wide range of issues, and yet each and everyone of them is ready to listen and learn. They understand things that people who don't suffer these conditions simply can't. They make me feel like I'm a part of something, like I have an important role to play in building this community in order to help others, and ultimately they make me feel like there is hope for my future.

SF is a place where I feel safe to talk about my problems without fear of judgment or condemnation. I feel free to open up my mind, heart, and soul to the world like never before. It feels like I have unlimited support in carrying the weight on my shoulders that has burdened me for so long. Like they say "a problem shared is a problem halved"; well here, that fraction becomes a lot smaller.

SF is a place that I can finally be myself. In doing so, I have found I can practice social skills that otherwise I would struggle with, and eventually take them into my personal life. It is such a relief to not have to hide behind a mask that supposedly befits societies idea of social acceptance. I am unique and the SF family celebrate this, and I relish in the multitude of wonderful characters that I now consider family.

The best thing about SF is that it's available 24hrs a day. Thanks to it being worldwide, the timezones dictate that there is always someone online to talk to either when necessary, or when I just want to socialise. These people change throughout the day, and added to the fact there's so many new members joining regularly, the possibilities of finding the right support and making friends are endless.

(Hope this helps @JmpMster . I'm happy to edit this or for you to cut and paste whatever you need, if anything at all. I'll get on with my project and leave it in your capable hands).


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The thing I like most about SF is there's no judgement from anyone. No bullying. No one is mean to each other here. That's unique among a group this large.

I love SF because it has created *real* friendships with people who understand me.. and who I don't have to struggle to understand.


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The best thing about SF are the staff and members - every single one. They are all such special people, coping with a shit life whether temporarily or long term but they are all so hugely supportive, caring and loving to one another. SF is a haven, an island of love.
you supported me as well and I really appreciated this.
So, thank you for being here and on board and part of this island of love.
Hugs, Anne


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"I found SF when I was searching for a safe and painfree way to end my own life. I joined and use SF still because I made a lot of friends on here who are encouraging me to not give up, who offer me a nice view on myself (I really would believe in more often). SF taught me that suffering is human, suicidal thoughts are not the problem per se but staying alone with these thoughts.

I constantly meet new people on here who really make a difference to me on SF and help me transferring these experiences to my real life too. "

"I love SF because it is safe, friendly, honest and a good room to experience relationships that are not ruled by physical appearance and stuff like this.”

"SF is a place where I feel like I can be all my MEs without worrying about being judged or looked at as if I am an alien. Where I feel I never am alone with my struggles."

"The thing I like most about SF is the possibility to be crazy and supportive at the same time. I care a lot for others in my real life (family, profession) but on here it is possible to make new experiences to let myself be picked up also in my dark moments. People do not fulfill my prophecy of putting me aside once I show my weaknesses too."

"SF is a place where I can

….. have a coffee and relax,

…..rant, cry, scream, laugh and go insane in my diary,

….stray around the forums and reply to others,

….count to a million..."

"The best thing about SF is I got a whole family and a lot of friends who care for me every day again. And I did not have to pay for it.”


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"I found SF when I was searching for painless suicide methods. I joined and was a silent watcher from the sidelines for a while before I started participating in the forums. I use SF still because it may have saved my life. The people on here are full of compassion and kindness and I can always vent or try to help someone else."


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I found SF when I decided to end my life. But instead of killing myself, I found a group of kind and caring people who help me get through each day.

What I like most about SF is that I can help others even though I am still suffering. It has been a tremendous help to me to be able to reach out and help others from my home, because I am unable to work anymore due to illnesses and it makes me feel useful again.

This is the best I can do atm. Thank u for breaking this down because I keep thinking about how I can help with this and this makes it sooo much easier. Thank u for all u do. Also, I would be happy to do any voice work as well. I do not have a beautiful voice like Freya, but will help in any way that I can. Do I still need to write a note to admin? Is that easier for u? Thank u


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The best thing about SF
I could get help and support even while agoraphobic when I could not barely leave my room, I had instant support in the comfort of my own home which is insanely incredible. SF gave me strength and courage to continue on even though I felt like giving up many times.SF has been a shining light of my recovering process and will always mean the world to me,, I am extremely grateful to have SF in my life on a consistent basis :)


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I found SF when I was searching for suicide methods. I joined and use SF still because of the unending support and true compassion that exists on this website.

I love SF because it is a place where people are compassionate towards one another.

SF is a place where I feel like I can talk freely without worrying about being judged.

The thing I like most about is how good people are to one another here. What would we do without each other? SF has ALWAYS been there for me, ever since I first made an account 10 years (OMG) or so ago. I was very active for a long time and then went away for a while, but in every time of need I could always come back and see a mix of familiar people and new people, all contributing to the caring and compassionate place that SF has been and continues to be.

SF is a place where I can come to feel like the world is not an awful place, and good people do exist.

The best thing about SF the people.

This thread was an absolutely fantastic idea! Just knowing SF exists has gotten me through tough times. I really can't say enough great things about this place. It is invaluable. A free and 24/7 resource to those in need. And it is SO needed! I am eternally grateful to this place and everyone that helps make it up!


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I found SF when searching for a better plan to end my life. I stayed because there is support and community unlike anything else I have ever found. Here I can share the successes, wins, failures, and struggles openly without pretending to be someone else.

SF is a place where I feel that I can say anything without fear of judgement or ridicule. I am not the awkward exception in the SF community, rather a part of a rare group that is fighting to do life together. Here we are not alone!

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